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How to Enjoy and Find Happiness in the process of Doing tasks


“Be Happy in the moment, thats enough. Each moment is all we need, not more.” ~ Mother Teresa

Last week I shared with you tips on how to positively become a whiz at prioritization. So, now that you have your positive priority list in order, lets look at how this process of “doing” can be just as happily satisfying as the actual end result.

We all sleep at night with a to do list in our mind. Even if you are not the list making kind, you do surely make a mental list. Nothing wrong with that. This list can include waking up at a certain time, eating at a certain time, eating a particular breakfast, dropping the kids off to school, responding to a few social calls, paying the bills, work engagements, reading a book…. or yes something as mundane as just doing the dishes. We all have things we need to do in our life. Be it small or big tasks, we all have a pull to do them. These tasks big or small in turn help to make life run smoothly and give you much satisfaction with the end result.

After slogging at a work report, when its praised and wins accolades you feel good about the effort you put into it. After the house is fresh and clean, you look around and feel a sense of clarity and accomplishment. After helping your child with their homework and they doing well in school, you feel so amazingly satisfied. But these are still the big things. And notice, the after completion of a task can be satisfying, but its even more satisfying when you enjoy the getting there too.

For example- You do the dishes to clean the sink and keep dirtiness at bay. But you mostly do it as a chore. The word chore in itself is kind of negative. Dont you think? It makes it out to be such a ‘hard and tiring’ thing you have to do. Sheesh…where is the happiness in that?

Now, doing dishes the happy and joyful way would include you feeling the water on your skin, you noticing the soap bubbles in their beautiful symmetry, you loving the glistening of the shiny water on each dish and most of all you marveling at the sheer clarity of what YOU are creating right there in that moment. Nothing else in that moment of amazing doing the dishes matters. You are completely there, fully present and in that moment. There in lays happiness, contentment and enjoyment.

What if every moment, in every task, on your positive priority list or to-do list was done with this enjoyable attitude and this pure marvel of what you are creating in that very moment? Won’t life become superbly happy and fun? And to top it all, your happiness and satisfaction won’t be dependent on only the end result….it will be with you constantly. No matter what the end result….even if the end result isn’t what you expected, it will still be ok….cause you got there happily and completely satisfied. No feeling of loss or failure will be able to cast a negative shadow on your core happiness.

With this in mind, I too am in the process of creating something beautiful for you ‘my gorgeously beautiful Positive Provocations readers’! And I am so so enjoying the process of it. This will be the first BIG offering from me to you. Ok it might take a while longer…cause hey I’m enjoying the process so much :) More details on this creation in future articles. Stay tuned! :)

So go on now, DO with happiness and fun….Enjoy every and I mean every moment to the fullest. Your happiness and contentment depends on it!

With Immense Love & Gratitude,
Counseling Psychologist/Spiritual Counselor
Motivational Speaker/Naturopath

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Author: Zeenat {PositiveProvocations.com}

Counseling Psychologist/ Spiritual Counselor/Motivational Speaker/Naturopath/Holistic Healer/Writer

13 thoughts on “How to Enjoy and Find Happiness in the process of Doing tasks

  1. Dear Zeenat, what a lovely approach you brought to us with this article. I wish negativity and dread wouldn’t catch up with us ever so often. Thx so much for this wonderful reminder and wake up call to reframe our thinking and attitude towards tasks and life in general. Michaela

    • Hi Micheala,
      I’m so glad this enjoying every moment attitude served you as a wake up call. We do so often get caught up in the negativity of it all….
      Thank you so much for your lovely comment and support in sharing this article.
      So Much Love~

  2. Many Thanks Zeenat for this wonderful article and Thanks to you Michaela for guiding us to it ,

    Happines is a very strange journey , once upon time ago i was dreaming to have a high position in my career with high salary

    And i acheive it , and i think all happiness on Earth will be mine , but i noticed that this happiness was very temporarly , just for a while a gone away ,

    Also once before i told my self if i wany to be Happy i must get engaged with a women in a formal way ofcourse , and i did it and get Engaged but also it was very temporarly Happines and Gone Away

    What the most strange is about my dreams and Goals , I started setting my Dreams and Goals and work on it to acheive it , and i acheive many of it , and again i feel temporarly Happiness for acheiving my Goals and and the Happiness Gone away

    Happiness , Happines the most Precious treasure in our life , i Pray God to provide it to Every one
    Happiness from inside themselfs

    Your Friend

    • Hi Paul,
      No amount of external accomplishments can bring about that kind of listing core happiness. It all starts from within and then shows outside. If youre happy on the inside, every thing on the outside also is happy. We all have run after fame and money at some point in our life…only to realize we were running after the wrong things.
      Thank you for your lovely comment here Paul. I’m glad you liked this article.
      Much Love~

  3. Hi Zeenat,
    As usual you article comes at a time when I’ve been thinking about enjoying the process of all that I undertake more So timely!
    Enjoying what we’re doing, being in the moment and feeling satisfaction regardless of the outcome is so important. Thank you for bringing this up for us.
    I cannot wait to see what your big surprise is either.
    Big hugs,

    • Hi Angela,
      I cant wait to ‘release’ tot he world my big surprise either ;)
      While I enjoy the process of creating…I have to now soon learn how to enjoy and find happiness in letting go of it and handing it to the Universe.
      Thank you for your lovely comment here.
      Hugs and Love right back ~

  4. Zeenat – in a world-filled with multi-tasking and many things at once, we do tasks simultaneously. There is hardly time for slowing down and enjoying the moment – there’s 12 blogs to read, 3 cats to feed, school, homework, exercise and more. Your prioritization post helps but enjoying each moment of the tasks we are doing is the way to be.

    • Hi Vishnu,
      I agree with you Vishnu. There is just so much to do everyday….
      When we can prioritize and find happiness even in the mundane, life does seem like a magical journey.
      3 cats!!! I have got to see pics…i do love kitty cats :)
      Thanks for your awesome comment here.
      Much love~

  5. Zeenat,

    How synchronous! I was just applying this principle as I was stringing twine to hold up the sideways shoots from the cucumber plant. The piece you’ve added for me is “marvel”! Thanks for adding the magic. All my love to you!

    • Hi Sweet Sandra,
      Stringing twine and cucumber plant in one sentence seems already heavenly!
      Magic and marvel go hand in hand, dont they? When we can focus our attention on the sheer marvel of it all….there seems now unhappiness…except the kind we create fro ourself.
      Sending you love and a small pot of magic glitter too ;) ~

  6. Beautiful Zeenat! I’ve been trying to create from my heart space for the past few days. I noticed I was mindlessly going through many to-do’s last week, and when they didn’t pan out the way I wanted them to, I grew frustrated. That only added to things not panning out the way I wanted, which added to my frustration. I realized I was caught in a vicious circle. That’s when I read a note a friend sent last year that encouraged me to not only be mindful when creating, but to create with love.

    Your post reminds me of that. If I can stay present with what I’m doing, and bless it with love (meaning: love every moment of it), the end result is infused with love, which makes me happy.

    Blessing you as you create your next big thing!

  7. Hi Z!

    As a stagehand sometimes we are asked to load equipment into Big Rig Tractor Trailers…I just did two at the Sports Arena the other night. We work in teams of four to a truck. I like to create an atmosphere of fun, focus, can do energy, and safety.

    “Now, doing dishes the happy and joyful way would include you feeling the water on your skin, you noticing the soap bubbles in their beautiful symmetry, you loving the glistening of the shiny water on each dish and most of all you marveling at the sheer clarity of what YOU are creating right there in that moment.”

    Z…for some reason this makes me want to take a *Bubble Bath*!!!

    Imagine a guy that looks like Sam Elliot the actor…I get told I look like him…and as you can see I do have the mustache and wear a rather big hat!

    Can you imagine me taking a *Bubble Bath* wearing my hat, while singing to this song?

  8. Hi Zeenat!

    I just realized you linked to my post on Lance’s Jungle in your fabulous blog! I’m thrilled and honored!

    Thanks so much for shining such an enormous light in the world!


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