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Dreaming. It’s bad for you. Do this instead

Success Starts Here Freeway Style Desert Landscape

Note: This is an AMAZING movement and initiative by the very talented and brilliant Razwana Wahid. Read more about her at the end of this post. Read, absorb and Enjoy!

It was as if I’d been slapped in the face.

My knees buckled and I gripped the chair near me.

“I can’t do this anymore. I don’t know who I am in this city. I’m leaving”

We’d moved from London to Paris together. That’s not a small step for a couple to make. And after deciding on that step as a unit, he’d now taken it upon himself to dictate how our relationship would end. Continue reading

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5 Essential Yoga Principles for Positive Thinking

5 Essential Yoga Principles for Positive Thinking‘You are what you think!

This statement is true when it comes to positive thinking.
Being positive is a state of mind. It is the ‘feel good’ factor that we all talk about.

But how do we train our brain? Yoga is your answer.

Please note: This is a guest post from Chetna of Style Craze! Enjoy!

There are no specific yoga asanas or techniques that could render positive thinking. It is a synergic outcome of the five principles of yoga – asanas, pranayamas, relaxation, meditating, and the right diet. These work with your thoughts, healing you in the process. When the body and mind work in a synchronized fashion, the outcome is bound to be positive.

Continue reading

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Thriving Lives: eCourse and FREE Offer from Martine Joseph

Thriving Lives Ecourse by MartineLives can get complicated and entwined in so much, that we sometimes forget what makes us Thrive. We all want change but don’t know how to make that positive change.

My friend and loving soul Martine Joseph has created an Ecourse especially for YOU, where she shares her wisdom on truly Thriving in your life. As a person who recovered from depression and came out Thriving on the other side…she has immense knowledge and experience to help you.

Below is a small but powerful interview with Martine Joseph about her Healing Ecourse. There is a special surprise at the end for all the readers of Positive Provocations too! Check it out :) Continue reading


Intellect without Emotion is Direction-less!

Emotions form pure, profound bonds
Emotions may blind us but they bind us.

Editors Note: This is an insightful guest post by the lovely author Balroop Singh! Enjoy!

Emotions form an intrinsic part of our personality. Emotionally impaired individuals fail to express what lies in their heart and their relationships lack affection and warmth. Emotionally starved children become insensitive to love, respect and care.

“All learning has an emotional base.” ~ Plato

If we don’t have any emotions…what would we apply our intellect to? Emotions nurture our intellect, give a boost to our dreams and define our goals. Intellect is just used to figure out the means to the goals. Continue reading


Living with Ease: 21 Days to Less Stress ~ Interview with Sandra Pawula

Living with easeWhen it comes to stress, we all have our share. We all fall prey to it at some point. My dear friend Sandra Pawula knows all too well what it is to fall into the trap of stress….But, she found a way to Live with ease despite the stresses. She has found ways to reduce this stress and make our life more free of it. Sandra shares her wisdom in a new ecourse Living with Ease: 21 Days to Less Stress. I had a chance to interview her about this essential course. Enjoy her wisdom below darlings and be sure to join her course. Details at the end of the interview :- Continue reading


A plea: For patience. For Compassion. And a touch of rebelliousness

A plea: For patience. For Compassion. And a touch of rebelliousness Editors Note: I have a treat for all of you today :) A beautiful and heartfelt post by the ever beautiful Razwana Wahid. Read more about her at the end of this post. Her words move me as I am sure they will move you too :) Enjoy darlings! 

Today, my heart is broken.

In so many different places.

But it doesn’t break for me.

It breaks for the neighbour’s daughter, who I’m told is only *allowed* to study until high school. After this she sits at home and waits for a suitor to marry. Because education will confuse her. And life experience will only open her eyes to opportunities that will take her away from her family. She’ll ruin their reputation.

As an 8 year old, her opinion wasn’t sought. She doesn’t know this is her future. Continue reading


How to Perfect Love Over a Lifetime

How to Perfect Love Over a LifetimeSpecial Note: Today I have a very LOVE full guest on my blog, whose writings will definitely touch your heart. Enjoy Vishnu’s Virtues!!

Do you feel like you don’t love yourself enough?

Are you finding it challenging to love others?

Do you feel like not loving yourself is spilling over to your relationships?

If you are shaking your head in agreement to any of these questions, you might even wonder if you know what love is.

My journey

I began the journey to discovering love when my ten-year marriage broke up. Although my voyage through love had its ups and downs in the relationship, I only truly started examining love when it had left my life. I wondered if it had never been there.
Maybe I didn’t know what love was? Continue reading


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