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Surround Yourself With Positivity(part two)-Simple tips to Catapult Your Positive Energy

In the first part of this Series we spoke about surrounding ourself with positive people. In this part we will dive into how to catapult the positive energies in you and around you by making a few simple additions to your atmosphere. Thereby ensuring happiness and success.

Positive Energy is the one thing that at times we all feel we need more of. What most people find is that when they are doing what they love or are living in a space they love their positive energy comes forth naturally. When you have a passion for what you are doing and the right ambiance to motivate, you will find positive energy is something that you have in abundance. Continue reading


How to Become a Positive & Loving person in just 3 minutes?

Do you want to know how to become a positive and loving person?

Well, its very simple. Not all that complicated. Sometime back, in the article “Best day of your life” I was encouraging you to make each day the best day of your life, by just adding one little positive thought to your life and your day. Today, lets take that a little further. Today we will graduate from one positive thought to 3 minutes of complete love & positivity. How? Read on… Continue reading


Creating a Masterpiece

Please Note: This is a guest post by my dear friend  Joy from “Unfolding Your Path to Joy”

Thank you for joining me here today..I know that you were expecting Zeenat and her beauty filled insights, so thank you for allowing me to share with you in this space.  It is my *pleasure* to be with you all…

As I write, I am in the living space of the boat that I live on.  Continue reading


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