Self Healing—The Bravest Moment

Life is beautiful and uncomplicated, and when we’re relaxed and happy everything flows in peaceful synchronicity; and this is the secret to self healing. Life is an evolving field of creating signals, and every thought, action, event, and moment influences the field. We are the creating force. If you can believe that then it’s possible to create change.

Please Note:
This is a guest article by a very special Soul Simon Hay of Read more about him at the end of this article.

First let’s look at some factors that hinder healing:

  • Engagement: Illness becomes the enemy, and while we’re at war there’s little chance of peace. We have to surrender, the illness is not the enemy, and to hate anything is the same as saying I hate myself.
  • Association: As time goes on illness becomes the dominant characteristic in our lives; it’s essentially who we are. An uncomfortable routine of symptom and treatment develops, and the illness governs every decision, action, and conversation. Unwittingly we become what we’re trying to overcome.
  • Apathy: Albeit because of fatigue, depression, or frailty there’s always something we can do: surrender, find peace, observe. If we still retain conscious thought then we can willingly create.
  • Disassociation: From self, life, and reality. What we perceive is happening is often inaccurate and misinterpreted. All sensory and emotional interactions are veiled by the vibration of illness. We no longer see beauty, because we’re the un-beautiful.

I don’t believe illness is eternal, or that we intentionally prevent recovery, but ultimately we’re all responsible. The healing vibration is an observing force and doesn’t discriminate: a diseased cell is different, not less than a healthy cell. Neither is feared or loved, simply observed. We have the power to love, and the means to create change. I’ve used change because health is subjective. Smoking a cigarette if you have emphysema and one lung is unhealthy, but if you’re homeless and living on the street a cigarette with friends is a joyful social occasion.

To highlight the previous points I’ll share a conversation that I’ve had with one of my clients. This conversation has been repeated numerous times over a period of eighteen months.

Client: “I almost died again, it’s getting worse, the doctors have given up, and I don’t know how I’m going to keep going.”

Me: “But you didn’t die. You’re talking to me now.”

Client: “You don’t understand, I almost died, again! Everyone else has given up on me. No one is listening. The doctors don’t have a clue! I was lying on the floor waiting to die, again!”

Me: “But you didn’t die, and you’re strong enough to yell at me, and I’m listening.”

Client: “You don’t understand. I want it to end. I can’t take anymore! If I wasn’t fighting this I’d be dead. I’ve tried everything.”

Me: “You haven’t tried everything. You can surrender, and if you die then you can visit me.”

The clients focus is on almost dying, instead of on living. That’s the creating frequency and the pattern will continue. She’s oblivious to the support she has, “No one is listening,” because she can no longer support herself. She’s right about the doctors, they’ve told her they’re surprised she’s still alive, and this social frequency is contributing to her demise.

The social global frequency of health care contributes to the difficulty of self healing. No matter how vigorously we believe we can heal, entwined in our desire to be well are the failures occurring in health care. What’s happened to common sense, the ability to reason, and the desire to act? Respect, compassion, and hope is silenced by liability and politics.

The power to heal:

  • Hope: Record opportunities of hope: today I was pain free for five minutes, my face relaxed and I smiled, I sighed and felt peaceful, and (fill the gap). These are the moments you have to shift your thoughts to.
  • Identify the truth: Do you really want to heal? If you do, then become self aware of every thought and action. Positive thinking has no value if behind every thought is a countering negative one. Command your unconscious thoughts to be audible. They’re there: your clenched jaw, tense face, agitated body, frustration and (fill the gap) are created by what you’re really thinking.
  • Become an observer: This enables us to see things as they really are and not how we or others perceive them to be. Be compassionate to your support network. That frustration that you’ve mistaken for a sign that they don’t care is worry, fear, and fatigue.
  • Remove the veil of illness: Turn your focus outward and notice beautiful things: blue sky, the sun, the colour of your partner’s eyes, birdsong, the sound and smell of rain, and (fill this space with beauty).
  • Surrender: It serves no purpose to continue struggling. Live and heal peacefully or be at peace. When we have let go of fear and tension the field responds.
  • Faith: Faith is an empty vessel waiting for us to fill it with courage. Be brave and command health to appear.

I’m aware of the suffocating consequences of long term illness, and I turned my life around in a day. I changed my vibration from ‘I want’ to ‘I am’ (healing). I was able to do this by realizing all that I’ve shared and then being brave.

About the Author: Simon Hay is a healer, medium & writer. He says , “While in a trance-like state spirit has used me to write about the lives of Jesus and His family. This experience has enabled me to become a healer. I live in Qld Australia and work for the world.” You can keep up with his amazing work by visiting his Site & his Blog and also by following him on Twitter & Facebook.

Thank you Simon! This is such a wonderful article and will be a source of enlightenment and healing to many. You are a treasure.

With Immense Love & Gratitude,

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17 thoughts on “Self Healing—The Bravest Moment

  1. Simon and Zeenat,

    This article was so rich and enlightening! I zeroed in on this point:
    “The clients focus is on almost dying, instead of on living. That’s the creating frequency and the pattern will continue.” There are so many subtleties and nuances on the healing path, much to be aware of with humor, love, and spaciousness. The 6 points under the Power to Heal are a wonderful guide. Thank you!

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  3. A beautiful description of the self healing power, a great guide indeed.
    Self-healing can do its own work in the best possible ways (sorry to say, but I don’t fully support the views on failure of health care), it too works and the power of self-healing as discussed here is that something crucial which can speed up the recovery from the illness.Yes, I do believe that when we transit ourselves from ‘I want’ to ‘I am’, it could definitely bring upon the best results. I think this needs to check out your patience to yield results.
    Thanks for the information.

    1. Hi Sangita,
      I believe there are beautiful, compassionate, brave, and talented people working in the health care industry. I support science, and I respect doctors and nurses. If I’m in a car accident, get me to a surgeon, but I’ve witnessed first hand the denial of the health industry to embrace an alternative and less invasive style of healing. Thanks for commenting.

  4. Hi Simon,

    Wow, I love this! What a powerful, powerful message to pick up and show us what we focus on matters so much!

    Of course! The frequency is “almost dying” and the person chooses to repeat this cycle and be stuck in that frequency over and over again, but a simple change in mind, in thought, in speech … can shift us out and away from frequencies and energy patterns that do not serve our highest good.

    I love this story, and I love the additions as well. What a beautiful and empowering message that yes, indeed, in the end it is all about what we choose, what we allow…. about self-healing.

    P.S. Zeenat, you couldn’t have picked a better guest 😉

  5. What a beautiful reminder. I have seen many incidences when a change of attitude lead to a huge improvement in health. ‘Respect, compassion, and hope is silenced by liability and politics’ is so true – the medical profession now is so focused on illness and drugs rather than prevention or healing it’s no wonder people seem to be getting sicker.

  6. Hi Zeenat and Simon,
    Nice post! Many people focus on the negativity just like the you mention that the client usually focus on dying and not surviving. If we really think about everything that happens to us in a positive way and refuse to let negativity and struglle to win, then we are on the road to healing and happiness. Thanks for sharing

  7. Sandra Lee, Sangita, Evita, Kate, Dia, thank you for commenting. I love the online community, and conversations allow global neighbours to learn from each other. Love and peace to you all.

    Zeenat, thanks for having me. The energy here is peaceful and enlightening. Love and peace beautiful friend, Simon.

  8. Oh my gosh… this guest post has enlivened a new sense of hope in me, and seems to have reminded me of a few key points I needed to remember. Simon, you’ve said everything here so simply yet powerfully. I am grateful, because not only can I read and internalize your words today but they’re said in such a way that I can LIVE them. I’m printing this out… It’s a keeper, for sure, and something I want to share around with as many people as possible.

    Beautiful Zeenat, thank you for having such a poignant guest post today. What an honor to have eyes that can read the words above, and a mind that can comprehend them. I feel mightily blessed, and thankful.

    I love you both!

  9. Hi Zeenat and Simon,

    A BEAUTIFUL and SUCH an important post!

    I just got off the phone with a client saying such similar things. I had just told her she needed to begin a gratitude practice and her response, “I have nothing to be grateful for”. (This is a VERY wealthy woman, in AMAZING PHYSICAL health for her age that travels the world). UGH What we focus on IS our reality. I did get her understanding she had PLENTY to be grateful for but she was so IN IT she could not come to that realization herself. For her it is the emotional that needs to heal. Healing is on ALL levels.

    I, like Simon healed instantly physically and know it is possible. When doctors are telling you – you are sick and just how sick and how many diagnoses you have it becomes EASY for that to be all you see. It really requires shutting everyone else out and turning INWARDS and finding our soul that ALWAYS knows how limitless we are. Simon’s points on what it takes to self heal are brilliant and there are many there that people find challenging. It is NEVER as challenging as succumbing to a life of chronic pain and dis-ease. This is a beautiful post – I will stumble, twitter and do whatever else I can to bring attention to it. Thank you!!! 🙂

    Lots of love and hugs,

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  11. Having just spoken with you Simon, I am so excited about what you are doing and the gift you have to share with the world. What keeps coming up for me is that when we both simplify our lives and our thoughts and take responsibility for the words we speak and the thoughts we think and I love turning the vibration from I want into I am-

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