Revealing the Essence of Our Being ~ Sunday Self-Reflection

“Life is a train of moods like a string of beads; and as we pass through them they prove to be many colored lenses, which paint the world their own hue, and each shows us only what lies in its own focus.”~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

This glorious Sunday I’m thinking about Essence. I’m thinking about that Essence that is revealed when we have found or touched Depth. You know what I mean…I’m talking about that amazing calm, glowy, light, airy feeling we get when we see those who are already Spiritually evolved. That certain essence is present in each and every one of us. After-all, we Are Beings of Light first. This body is just a vessel for that being of light.

I can hear you ask the question : How can I reveal my beings True Essence? The answer is simple and oh so do-able!

Journaling is the answer

The journal is a very powerful tool which assists us in recording our perceptions. The Journal, as the name implies, leads us on a journey which helps us to reveal our true selves. We are not simply recording our experiences as in a diary. With a Journal, we are going beyond simply recording what “happens” in our lives to a process of transformation into our highest concept of ourselves. Your journal helps you to discover your higher purpose and from the raw stuff of being to create the person you truly wish to be. By combining the tool of journaling with the other tools, such as meditation, praying, self-reflection we will be able to reveal the True Essence of our being as love, life and laughter.

“The events in our lives happen in a sequence in time, but in their significance to ourselves they find their own order.~ Eudora Welty

What are your thoughts on this topic? Do you keep a journal? How has journaling your thoughts helped you? And, If you haven’t kept a journal, would you start writing one to reveal your true essence? Share your thoughts in the comments below and tell me what you’re thinking…  🙂

With Immense Love & Gratitude,
Counseling Psychologist/Spiritual Counselor
Motivational Speaker/Naturopath

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15 thoughts on “Revealing the Essence of Our Being ~ Sunday Self-Reflection

  1. Rand

    A beautiful Sunday morning to you Zeenat!

    Keeping a Journal is something that I have never done. I suppose because it seems fastidious and confining to me.

    For some reason I am reminded of the movie ‘Doctor Zhivago’

    The poet Yuri…his passion for life…his humane caring in the midst of the Russian Revolution and its aftermath.

    After his interrogation by Streninikov and being allowed to continue on his ‘journey’ a final question is asked of him: ‘And what will you do?’

    Zhivago’s response: “Live” “I am just going to live”.

    I can appreciate the form of Yuri’s poems “The Lara Poems”. The poems ‘journalized’ the romance of Yuri and Lara during the severe times they lived in. I do not believe Yuri made notes in a journal along the way. Inspiration and passion flowed from his mind onto paper in rough draft before the final copy.

    I suppose my concern is how do I maintain the integrity of living if I seek to chronicle my life frequently?

    Without being too personal…just what have you put into your own journal recently?

    Thanks Zeenat…

    1. You Know Rand,
      Its less about chronicling your life, and more about getting to know YOU. When you journal you write from a deep place. Its a voice that doesn’t naturally come out cause of societal pressures. Hence that voice is very authentic. So even though you might write about a normal day, there will sentences in that small paragraph. that will shine. That will make you see YOU more clearly.
      And my journal has my normal day. Sometimes its something that has caught my attention, my heart and touched me…and from what i see, to what I feel, to what I kind of shouldve done…it all goes in. Yes, there are days when I dont feel the need to journal. But then there are those days when there is a burning desire TO journal. Its all heart guided 🙂
      Thank you for being here and asking the questions I love answering. I love having your energy here.
      So Much Love~

  2. Zeenat, thanks so much for this post. I’ve been reflecting on the importance of journaling, but have not yet gotten to the action stage. I’m going to take some time this weekend to do some of this writing. In the book, the Artist’s Way, Ms. Cameron recommends writing, freehand, up to four pages of journaling daily in order to stay creative. I think you and she are onto something 🙂

    1. Hi Steve,
      Freehand writing is still the most satisfying form for me. But now with my little girl roaming the rooms, I prefer writing on my laptop, so it stays safe and doesnt turn into a kite, boat or cap 😉
      Youre a gifted writer Steve….journaling is just what you need to get to that deep place…..a lot can happen with just one sentence a day 🙂
      So glad you liked this.
      Much Love~

  3. Zeenat,

    I especially appreciate this recognition of spiritual guides: “I’m talking about that amazing calm, glowy, light, airy feeling we get when we see those who are already Spiritually evolved.”

    I sometimes go for long periods without journal, but at the moment I’m journaling like crazy. It’s a time when so much is bursting forth. I love how you say journaling helps us discover our higher purpose through the raw stuff of being! Journaling is a key part of my transformative process right now. Thank you for the encouragement, dear Z.

    1. Darling Sandra,
      I’m so glad you are on a roll with your journaling right now. May this transformative process bring you closer to all that you are and all that you need to be.
      I’m always glad to be a source of encouragement 🙂
      So Much Love~

  4. Amazing how mush can be revelaed through journaling, especially right after meditation. I started a new journal just this morning and it has a beautiful cover

    thanks for the remind to reveal our true essence

    1. Hi Suzie, Your journaling is what inspires me so so much. I know youre an avid journal writer 🙂 I would love to see the cover of this new journal 🙂
      Love you lots,

  5. Rand

    Z and Friends,

    On this day of *Independance* here in the USA, my wish for all is that we may always be *free* to give and receive abundant love.

    I have been contemplating the idea of a Journal since my comment left the other day. I truely appreciate the *esscence* of Sandra, Susie, and yourself. What I am thinking is that there must be something to this.

    I like the fact that Sandra does not always keep a Journal, but that she is “crazy” with it at the moment…does not seem as “confining”.

    It must be pretty interesting to Susie as she writes into her Journal after meditation.

    Would it be to much to ask for some simple guidelines as how to approach and what to enter into one’s Journal? What works best for someone like me just beginning for the first time?

    To discover my *higher purpose* “Nothing is truely written” (meaning anything is possible). There is always the possibility of knowing and acheiving more.

  6. As this 4th of July unfolds I find a need to relate the events of my morning. There was a gentle knock upon my door. When I looked outside there stood a young little neighbor. She asked me if I would come over to her yard sale? I remembered about a year ago she did the same…I went…did not buy anything…and later felt bad and un-caring. This time I told her that I’d be down soon (you should of seen the smile!). I put $5.00 in my pocket with the knowledge that ‘NO WAY’ would I be coming back with the bill.

    Upon being in the presence of her financial endeavor, I quickly saw that she was selling off about 75 of her personal books…The Secret Garden, Prince and the Pulper, etc.

    I looked and looked. She suggested this young girls book, or this book series for young girls. I was thinking “Man! What am I going to buy!” when I saw in the midst of all the books a thin golden book. When I picked the book out it shined with the bright morning sun! I asked her how much? She replied $5.00. I produced the $5.00 and told her that was exactly what I came to spend (you should of seen the smile).

    This event and reflections of my youth I wrote as my first *Journal* entry…yes a small *journey* to a young girls book sale, and a *reflective journey* to my past.

    And so for you Zeenat I offer this from my new book ‘Apples of Gold’ :

    “If you have learned to walk
    A little more sure-footedly than I,
    Be patient with my stumbling then
    And know that only as I do my best and try
    May I attain the goal
    For which we both are striving.”

    “If through experience, your soul
    Has gained heights which I
    As yet in dim-lit vision see,
    Hold out your hand and point the way,
    Lest from its straightness I should stray,
    And walk a mile with me.”

    I will spend the evening with my two daughters. We will barbeque and watch the fireworks.

    Printed with crayon by a childs hand above a golden apple when the golden hard cover is opened is the name *Marie*

    Today she belongs to all of us as our beloved young daughter…

    1. Rand you share with so much love…..thank you! I’m more than honored you shared this beautiful experience here. I apologize for the late response here. I’m in between looking for a home for myself so spend all my day with my real estate agent …. pray I find a good place soon.
      Thank you again for sharing your gorgeous self here. I appreciate you so much.
      Love always~

  7. Zeenat,
    I’m a huge proponent of journaling. Journaling when done correctly is self-therapy. My journal is a combination of recordings of dreams and their interpretations, channeled writing, insights and intuitive guidance and an examination of my emotions and reactions to things. I’ve kept a journal since I was a teenager and have found it most helpful to my spiritual growth.

  8. Hi Zeenat,

    I’ve been keeping a journal for over 2 years. I was motivated by a desire to see exactly what I was thinking. By putting my thoughts on paper, I could actually shed light on some things. Later on, it turned into a gratitude log, which served a purpose of listing and writing about all the things for which I am grateful for and which I appreciate.

    The most important thing that this showed me is that I can be whatever I want to be because my identity as a person is completely under my control. What lies beneath is just awareness, full of joy and peace. I guess journaling rocks:-)

    Have a great day!

    Josip Barbaric

  9. Zeenat,
    I have kept journals for many years and used them as tools for getting know know myself and heal myself. Several years ago I discovered writing in a blog editor is far easier for me as I do have swollen finger joints and painful hand so I founded a private journal blog. In my journal I record significant events and major issues in my life as they unfold, the issues I’m struggling with. I return to what I record in my personal growth journal at later dates and I work things through by having conversations with myself. Through my journal I have gainded insight into personal issues that I would not have otherwise gained. I record small victories and celebrate them in my journal. I use my personal growth journal to learn how to love and heal myself, and to formulate strategies for setting myself free of fear and pain so I can become a better me.

    Love and peace,

  10. Val

    I’ve been journalling since I was a child, and have so many journals that I no longer really know where to put them. My sanity would have gone under many times without them, as I use them to understand myself by looking back at what I’ve overcome. I write my journals to my future self and frequently find advice I’ve given to myself in case I should be going through a bad time in the future. It helps.

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