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As a token of my appreciation for your readership, love, support and subscription I present you:

“Your Self Healing Starter Kit”

A Self Healing, Self Empowering & Self Improvement Starter guide to facilitate YOUR FLIGHT!

What is “Your Self Healing Starter Kit”?
This kit is a 6 step guide to bring forth your truest happiness. Full of articles, tips, exercises and affirmations.
Its a Gentle Nudge towards resurfacing your very own core inner happiness.
Each of us is born to DO something BE someone & FLY to new heights. What the articles and tips in this kit do is facilitate that shift from within the heart and soul. We are all works in progress, diamonds in the rough. IN order for us to shine we need to work on ourselves. This kit has 6 important steps, which work as a guide to kick start that shining process and help the reader FLY higher than ever previously imaginable..

This Self Healing Starter Kit is available to all on the Mailing List.


Evita Ochel, founder & editor of Evolving Beings says: “It was such a pleasure to receive Zeenat’s Self Healing Starter Kit and experience the wonderful value Zeenat shares with others through this resource. It is aesthetically well put together and really packed with tips upon tips, interwoven with wisdom, advice and empowering actions to help each person attain a life of more happiness. What Zeenat has put together has the potential to change your life for the better in every area. Now it is just up to each one of us to read it and truly apply what we learn.

Mikey, Master Story Teller & Writer of Invisible Mikey says:“Sometimes I live enveloped in the illusion that my life and my feelings are complicated.  People are good at creating complex structures, so that’s normal.  But, it’s still an illusion.  In reality, the regeneration of the body and the reacquisition of the spirit of love and happiness is in reach, already and always within us.  When you feel your burden of life is too heavy – USE THESE METHODS.  I have.  I am.  I do.  They work!”

Andrea DeBell, happiness expert, bliss consultant, blogger enthusiast, spiritual geek, personal growth fanatic, and writer of BriteTalk says:“I love the wisdom you share in your “Self Healing Starter Kit” ebook. What a powerhouse. Your six chapters are jam packed with clear instructions, tips, and profound wisdom. Even though your ebook presents deep concepts, you made the material easily accessible to people in all walks of life. Your ebook is a wonderful tool to help heal while bringing about more joy into our lives. This is a must read for anyone on the path to personal growth and self-discovery.”

Farnoosh Brock, Creator & Blogger: Prolific Living says: “There are few gems in the blogosphere like Zeenat and I’d love to go on and on about her but I really want to focus on the gem of the ebook, Your Self Healing, that she sent me. And boy do I need a guide “to bring forth your truest happiness.” I struggle so much with staying as excited and happy as I feel on most occasions and sometimes, the down times are really hard and it just so happens I read this book in one of my most down days and she raised my spirits with her words and her clever but sincere stories and words. Thank you dear Zeenat. You’ve put together an amazing guide to happiness and love!”

If this Self Healing Starter Kit has helped you and you would like to write a testimonial, about how it has helped you, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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10 thoughts on “GET Your Self Healing Starter Kit!

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  4. Jillian

    I’m notrying sure how I happened upon this article, but it gave me a sense of hope. I’m generally very positive, aways laughing, but with a huge amount of shocking life changes I need to focus more positively as I just feel I can’t get a break.

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