Motivational Seminars

I have the passion to help people and make their lives more happy and productive. It  is like my driving force in life. I enjoy bringing a smile to another human being and Motivating them to do so is what I love to do.

Motivational Seminars are just my little way of spreading love, happiness, positivity and spiritual healing to the lives of others.

I have been conducting Motivational Seminars for organised groups and corporate companies for many years now. Since this is my personal Blog/Website, I thought it only appropriate to add this section, so that the readers know a little more about me. And if the need arises, we could together arrange to have some motivational seminars for them as well. Ofcourse, It will have to be in India. I am currently residing in Mumbai with my family.

Below are the details of some of the seminars I have conducted and could tailor make them to suit your preference. It all depends on what topic or area of life YOU want to be motivated on.

  • Positive life Management.-Gives the participants an idea of how to change their personal and professional lives for the positive and how the right kind of thinking can make all the difference in every aspect of their lives..
  • How to think BIG?-Teaches and motivates the participants how they can enlarge their thinking in order to attain optimum results of sure shot SUCCESS!
  • How to Build Confidence and Destroy Fear?-Addresses self esteem issues of every individual in every situation and provides ways on how these can be tackled for the betterment of business and personal growth.
  • How to Build successful relationships? Helps all the participants by giving them an idea of what they are doing wrong in their personal and professional relationships. Then provides techniques on improving these relationships for their own personal growth in turn helping the organization they are linked to.
  • How to defeat Stress&Depression?Makes every attendant aware of what stress and depression are and how it affects their personal and professional lives. Awareness is created in every participant of how important it is to live a stress free life. Simple yet practical ways are suggested to tackle personal and professional stress.

These motivational seminars enable you to examine undesirable responses to troublesome situations, and provide the mental “software” to resolve them most effectively. Disturbing emotions and situations are handled best when you are clear about what you are facing. In these seminars, you identify the triggers and purpose of the beliefs that fuel your emotional turbulence and learn how to ask the best questions, obtain the best solutions and make the most of difficult situations. You define what the “best” means to you and what is most important in your personal/professional life. You gain essential information to optimize your thinking, and minimize unwanted emotional reactions, distractions and behaviors.

Any motivational seminar based on positive thinking will produce positive results. Positive Thinking is the mental “software” to optimize results. Positive Thinking stops you from settling for second best — in even the most stressful circumstances! These motivational seminars empower you to give yourself the best chance of achieving everything you want.

The Basis of all the seminars is positive thinking.

All Seminar Objectives

By the end of these down-to-earth motivational seminars, you will have:

  1. identified the emotional reactions that inhibit your best responses
  2. identified the negative thinking that stops you from being your best
  3. learned how to minimize unwanted thoughts, emotions and behaviors
  4. a mental roadmap to resolve anxiety, anger, disappointment and other disturbing emotions
  5. a clear understanding of Positive Thinking and its vital role in optimizing your life
  6. accepted what is out of your control and learned how to optimize what is within your control
  7. the essential mental resource to be your best and make positive choices in any circumstance
  8. learned how to function at your peak in business and personal relationships
  9. learned how to minimize stress and maximize your daily activity
  10. the mental “software” to maximize your resources, opportunities, productivity and success.
Who Should Attend
  • people who are not willing to settle for second best in their business and personal lives
  • people who would like the mental software for optimal success
  • CEOs, executives, large and small business owners, employees and entrepreneurs
  • people who wish to minimize stress and enjoy the best life has to offer.
To Know more about how these seminars can be held and organized for your personal or corporate group, please contact me so we can take it to the next level of communication.

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