Online Counseling & Spiritual Healing (via Email, Chat, Skype)

“Consult not your fears, but your hopes and dreams. Think not about your frustrations, but about your unfulfilled potential. Concern yourself not with what you tried and failed, but with what it is still possible for you to do.”

I'm here for you. Let's heal together. I'm just an email away.
What is Counseling? Counseling provides a safe space to explore your emotions and find new ways of looking at your life. In a confidential environment you can express your feelings without fear of judgment. This involves helping people explore their inner stuck places, such as that which motivates a particular behavior or thought, or how we come to believe what we believe, especially if that thought or belief produces unhappiness in us. Occasionally, we may feel a feeling that we don’t know how to cope with, or we possess a painful emotion that doesn’t seem to go away, no matter what we do. These are common situations for which people often seek counseling or psychotherapy. Counselors do not provide advice to clients, but help them to unravel their own thoughts and so help themselves. The issues raised in counseling are as varied as life itself.

What are the benefits? The benefits for you might be that YOU will be able to think, feel, act freely in your current life situation thereby making you future more pleasant and beautiful.

Who is in charge? YOU are in charge of deciding what YOU want to sort out and talk about. I may offer ways to explore your problem, help you understand them, and provide options from time to time.

Does counseling involve looking at the past?Yes, sometimes.
It can be helpful at times to explore the past and the way it relates to the present to help you to understand yourself today. Our focus is on exploring how YOU can do things differently. Sometimes the session can be used to practice a forthcoming situation about which you feel anxious or nervous.

What is Online Counseling?
I offer an alternative avenue to explore and discover areas of your life that may benefit from change.
Although it is possible to establish a certain degree of rapport on the Net, liaising by computer is no substitute for the support and special relationship that is possible to generate from personal contact.

However, busy lives often don’t allow space for the luxury of visiting a counselor personally.
On the other hand, you may believe that everything is OK in your world – except for a certain feeling that infiltrates into your awareness every now and then.

Help is available here and now in the privacy and convenience of your own home or office and can open the doors to further expansion by creating awareness.

This can be achieved using any one of the following methods-

The charges of each session are Pre-paid. Book your session with the Buttons below and then email me with your details, with Email counseling or Chat counseling or Skype counseling in the address field of the email.
You can email me at to show me your interest and I will write back to you with the necessary details.

Email Counseling(5 emails package) ~ 18 USD


Email counseling or consultation is convenient. You can send the email whenever you feel like it and read the reply whenever you need to. You can email or contact me via the contact form below and we can take it from there.

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Chat Counseling(30 minutes) ~ 25 USD


Help via chat is offered to people who need a more immediate response to their problems and who prefer a kind of online conversation. Currently there are two modes of chat through which this can be achieved: {a}By joining me on Facebook {b} By connecting with me on Msn Messenger/Gtalk through my email addresses or respectively.

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One on One Skype Counseling(45 minutes) ~ 45 USD

one on one skype counseling

Skype’s video/voice calling facility is a fast and convenient way to get the personal one on one counseling experience wherever you are. Each session lasts for an approximate of 45 minutes. My Skype username: zeenatsyal. Alternately, we can use Google’s HangOut to video/voice call as well. My Google username: zeenat.syal

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In order for the first correspondence to begin it is preferable you send an email or contact me from the contact form below and confirm it with me. There by, irrespective of email , chat counseling or One on One counseling we can both decide upon a mutual time that suits the both of us and take up the Counseling Session from there.

If you have questions regarding dealing with your feelings, need suggestions on how to manage your problems positively or wish to engage in counseling for you or your loved one, please feel free to contact me. I am here for your help and healing. Please remember, you’re not alone and can always share your burden with me.

You can also write if you just want to vent or just need someone to talk to. The lines are always open and i am here to listen.


“Zeenat helped me to reinvent myself and feel happy again. I didnt know I could ever feel this happy. Thank you!” ~ Mary K., Australia

“After just a few sessions with Zeenat my life started making sense to me. I was so lost but getting counseling from this amazing lady my world was bright again. These sessions saved my life.” ~ Alina. J, Canada

“My sessions with Zeenat are the highlight of my week! I look forward to talking with her. She makes it so easy to open up to even the most hardest and painful memories that I need to deal with. She makes me feel that healing is easy and I’m so happy I have started my journey of healing with Zeenat.” ~ Alyssa. M, U.S.A.

Please be rest assured that your correspondence will remain strictly confidential.

**All payments are non refundable.**

You can contact me right now!

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Email-,, Facebook, Twitter @zeenatsyal, Skype username: zeenatsyal

With Immense Love & Gratitude,
Counseling Psychologist/Spiritual Counselor
Motivational Speaker/Naturopath
Holistic Healer/Writer

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