Seasons Greetings with 10 Awesome Positive Gifts just for YOU

Seasons Greetings with Awesome Positive Gifts just for YOU“The object of a New Year is not that we should have a new year. It is that we should have a new soul.” ~ G. K. Chesternut

As 2013 winds down to the last stretch, I feel like I am shedding a lot of old negatives and making way for more and more healing positives. I wish each of you would shed your negatives and make way for more positives in the coming New Year.

To help you in facilitating more positivity and healing in your lives, I would like to offer you a few gifts that will do just that 🙂

The gifts below are for one and all. They are of varied personal development interests and will surely be of immense help to you. Let your heart and soul be positively guided to make the best use of these gifts. Continue reading “Seasons Greetings with 10 Awesome Positive Gifts just for YOU”

Celebrating with Immense Gratitude

“It’s a Romanian tradition, on its first birthday a child has to pick three things. Whatever it reaches for, describes its destiny.”~ Mariana Voicu quotes~

One whole year. WOW! I cant believe its been a year already. I can think about it from all angles and only come up with one word- AMAZING! Continue reading “Celebrating with Immense Gratitude”