Media Appearances

These are all the places(in picture form), where I have appeared in the traditional media i.e. newspapers, magazines and public appearances.
These details will give you an idea of what I have been doing over the years in terms of bringing about a Positive Change in me and all those around me 🙂

You can learn more about me and how to contact me by clicking here.

This page if God wills, will keep being added to as time progresses.

You can Click on each picture to enlarge it and read the article if you like.

On the Occasion of Womens day the Local Hindi Newspaper "Prabhat Khabar" here in Jamshedpur did an article on me(blushing!)! "Honoring my Spirit"(thats the translation) Those who know Hindi I don't need to explain the title but for those who don't the article is titled "Fought With Circumstances to Gain Her Peace/Destination" - My hindi to english translation is bad 😦 But thats essentially what it means. And they put a picture of me with my little super duper!

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