Decluttering for Spiritual Growth and Healing

“The first step in crafting the life you want is to get rid of everything you don’t.” ~ Joshua Becker

If you feel like something is holding you back to your past or the energy around you doesn’t feel right, it’s time to declutter.

I’m sure you’ve probably heard that decluttering is good for your physical environment and your mind. But did you know that there are also levels of spiritual growth that happen when you declutter?

What is Clutter actually?

Clutter is simply the stuff that has taken over your space. It crowds, covers and clouds everything. It collects dust, dirt and grime. It loses its essence and meaning, simply to become a claustrophobic and limiting presence in your life.

Piles of paper, overflowing closets full of clothes, and stuff peeking from behind the refrigerator can squeeze the life and magic out of your soul.

Many cultures have named it differently, but the fine art of decluttering has been enouraged by the enlightened masters. Chinese call their ancient sacred system for decluttering feng shui. Hindus have something very similar called vastu. In the more New Age terms its referred to a living minimalist life.

All in all the intense attachment to things is discouraged in order to have a spiritual life.

Spiritual gift of simplicity

Things in your environment hold energy and when you remove that energy, not only will you feel lighter and freer, but it also opens up a pathway for new energy to enter. This means that things in your life may shift to more of what you want.

Imagine going on a journey with a single suitcase and staying somewhere simple, living from moment to moment. You have limited decisions to make as you eat, sleep, dress and go about your day. You might rediscover a happier, more energetic you, a person who wakes up full of anticipation, not anxiety. This is the spiritual gift of simplicity.

Clutter is chaos. Simplicity is the opposite of the chaos and the depressed life force caused by, and represented by, clutter.

Have you ever noticed that enlightened souls like Monks, priests, spiritual leaders all live in extremely spare surroundings so nothing distracts their focus from their spiritual purpose and from living in the moment. You don’t have to be a monk to achieve that inner peace. You just need to give your soul space to grow by decluttering and letting go.

How to Clear out Inner Clutter?

Clearing out your clutter is a deeply soulful job — and that doesn’t just mean inside your house or your closet.

The causes of the clutter are actually in your mind, your lifelong habits, your soul. In order to hide from situations and stresses that frighten you, you surround yourself with clutter(stuff). You cloud stuff with piles of even more stuff until you’ve missed the deadline or lost the opportunity or forgotten what you meant to accomplish …..hence, clutter is a physical manifestation of an aversion to dealing with the boring, hard or unpleasant reality.

Clutter is a sign of the fear of not having enough, or the memories attached to objects, or the misunderstanding that you are not enough without all your stuff. At the back of your mind, you think that your stuff is you, or parts of you that you don’t want to let go of. Even though you know that version of you does not exist anymore.

My Decluttering Rule:

So, the simplest way to clear the clutter is to work by a 6 month rule. I use it in my house all the time. I’m incredibly happy for it.

The rule is: If I have not used it in 6 months and have not even thought about it in 6 months, I’m probably never going to use it. Hence, let it go.

Take a drawer at a time and start with having a big trash bag or box next to you. Slow and steady.

Set it out for the trash if its broken or torn stuff, donate it if its nice, re-gift it to a friend if its that nice or expensive.

Your clutter will find a better home where its valued and you will feel like the air you breathe is clearer. I promise its incredibly satisfying.

Clearing out Life’s Blockages and creating a Sacred Space for your soul

When we change things on the outside, things on the inside also change.

Clearing clutter has the magical effect of releasing energy blockages, old stuck patterns, ideas and attitudes. This act can expand your life force. Many feng shui experts believe that a sacred space clearing happens when we declutter. Indigenous spiritual practices also teach that the physical openings that occur when you remove clutter actually open your heart and free your spirit in that space.

Take one small overstuffed corner of your house. Remove everything(yes, everything!) from the area. Wipe it clean and only replace a few things that are essential, uplifting or exquisite. If you’ve captured the feeling of peace, power and possibility in your modest uncluttered corner, you’ve created a sacred space for your soul. This corner will then inspire you to do the same for your whole home.

No rush, gently do one corner at a time. Its a project for spiritual growth and healing.

When we have space to heal, the envoronment to heal, it becomes easier to move past the obstacles that hold us back.

In Conclusion

If something feels bad, get rid of it. If something feels good, keep it.

It’s very important to protect your energy and keep yourself in a high vibration especially if you are working towards spiritual growth and inner healing.

Remember: It’s ok to let go of things that feel bad. You have no obligation to keep something just because someone gave it to you, especially if it gives you a bad vibe.

The spiritual benefits of decluttering help to get rid of old, stagnant energy that is weighing you down and keeping you from healing and moving forward. When you let go of old, low vibrations, you make space for healing more deeply. Your emotions and your soul get space to breathe.

Try it out and notice how beautifully light you feel! Also, spring is the BEST time to declutter. Just saying, since we are in the season 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Decluttering for Spiritual Growth and Healing

  1. Undoubtedly, an orderly life allows us to fully enjoy life. That is why the reflections within us allow us to straighten what is crooked. Excellent article. It helps to know yourself. Very good read.
    Manuel Angel

  2. Cindy

    I enjoyed the article very much. I am finding that letting go and only keeping what brings me happiness and calm is key. Reading your thoughts on this help me to be even more sure I’m traveling down the right path to being a more authentic me. Thank you Zeenat.

  3. Gd day Zeenat. I enjoyed reading your take, specially your experience with this regularly engaging task of maintaining minimalism in our internal and external spaces. I just removed the dated views that cluttered my mind and filled it with your insights on the subject. Best wishes..!

  4. Oh Zeenat, how much I needed to hear your message today. I have so much ‘stuff’ since we moved from a larger home to a smaller one. I hang on to things for all kinds of reasons, and you have given me so much incentive to move from thinking I need to do this, to I’m doing this. I totally get the spiritual benefit from doing this, as it creates so much harmony, not only in the home but in my mind and spirit. Thank you for this.

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