Common Cold-Natural Cures

Common Cold“Natural Cures” is a New Weekly Column. This is an attempt to make you more informed about how you can treat and heal yourself naturally. Natural cures for diseases & Curative Properties of Foods will be the main focus.

The common cold is not an infection that leaps out and attacks an innocent passerby. It is not even a disease. A cold is the cure of a pre-diseased condition, and the symptoms are attempts by the body to reestablish normal conditions. The body is carrying out a “spring cleaning.”

My Little one and me are suffering from the cold sniffles since yesterday, and i thought, what better way to start the new column “Natural Cure Fridays”, than with a post about The Common Cold. My body is spring cleaning all the relocation dust and grime from my system, but dont let this horrid cold get to you. Precaution is better than cure. Continue reading “Common Cold-Natural Cures”