One Huge Mistake, One Major Life Lesson

“Even the knowledge of my own fallibility cannot keep me from making mistakes. Only when I fall do I get up again.”– Vincent van Gogh

As I sit to type this post on life lessons, I cant help but think about all the mistakes I made to come across these life lessons. Had it not been for my mistakes, I probably would never have learned what I know now. And if I dont allow myself the freedom to err, how will I be open to more life lessons? Continue reading “One Huge Mistake, One Major Life Lesson”

Our Life’s Shelter

Our Life's ShelterIf at times you feel defeated, believe me, it will be a delusion, because no circumstances of man’s contriving can be stronger than a personality upheld by faith, trust and hope.~Unknown

All of us are constantly striving to find answers to many questions that keep arising in our minds. Life is too complicated and our life span too short, for all the mysteries to unfold themselves and provide us readily with all the answers that we seek, as we go along. Continue reading “Our Life’s Shelter”