Love Will Truly Set You Free

pigeons in loveJust outside the bedroom window, there is a huge pole like structure on the far right of the window. In the groove that is between the window and the pole is sitting a grey mother pigeon. She sits on her layed eggs all day and all night without moving an inch. I kept wondering what she was eating, and spilled some grains for her to eat. But no movement. She sits there so still and and so at peace. Then one fine evening, as i was looking out of the window at the pitter patter of the rain, another pigeon comes with some thing that looked like food and put it in her beak. And he kept doing that for quite sometime. I guess till she was fully fed. Then that pigeon went away, and this mother still sits on her eggs giving them warmth. With her I also frantically wait for her little babies to hatch.

What amazed me the most about this pigeon and her other pigeon was the level of understanding between the two. Continue reading “Love Will Truly Set You Free”