Let Peace, Love and Prayer light the way for the Syria Crisis

17-syriacrisis“Sometimes all it takes is just one small prayer to change everything.”

I often very happily admit that nothing phases my inner peace and happiness. But lately, the horrific images in the news and the atrocities on human lives is leaving me in knots. I am constantly living, but those images keep haunting me. Not because I am scared…no, but because I cant wrap my head around WHY this is all happening. Why has this thirst for world domination become so important to so many?

Innocent lives are paying the price. Every image on tv and the papers is of tragedy and an incredible loss of precious innocent human life.

When I started writing this, I wanted to vent at how it could be stopped, why the officials were being such pig heads etc etc… But I just stopped myself and thought, what purpose is that serving now.How will that help all the families who lost their loved ones, who are suffering in war torn Syria and how will that bring peace??? Continue reading “Let Peace, Love and Prayer light the way for the Syria Crisis”