Star Signs OR Beings Of Love???

zodiacI remember my first encounter with the so called stars signs was when I really intently started reading the newspaper. I was about 11 years old, and the sole reason I started reading the newspaper was cause my school principal wanted each of us to have an interesting article to share every morning at the assembly. I always ended up being chosen to read out my finds. In one of those so called finds one day i read about the Star Libra. Suddenly it was the talk of the school and It was the most happening thing to talk about. Everybody started talking about the attributes each of us had and kept teasing one another with the negative traits of each of these Star Signs.

As I have grown up, the hold of these star signs on our psyche has grown too. An example- when my little angel was born, the first thing i heard from someone who visited me in the hospital was “oh, she is so cute, but she will be very hot tempered, she’s Pisces na.” Continue reading “Star Signs OR Beings Of Love???”