RAOKA:My Pursuit of Wackiness ;)

December Theme: WACKY(as suggested by Lance @ Jungle of Life and has been all about everything Wacky). For more details on what RAOKA is and how you can be a part of this awesome crusade, see details below this post. [logo designed by Melissa at Operation Nice]

My Pursuit of Wackiness

“Here’s my advice: Go ahead and be wacky. Get into a crazy frame of mind and ask what’s funny about what you’re doing.”~Roger Von Oech~

In my pursuit of wackiness…what huh me…Wacky….naa…. 😉

Who knew I had it in me, to be completely and totally wacky. Well wacky sometimes, but not in public….people would actually think i was cookoo!!

So I devised this master plan…Be Wacky But Also Be Not Cookoo!! Genius eh… Continue reading “RAOKA:My Pursuit of Wackiness ;)”