RAOKA:My Pursuit of Wackiness ;)

December Theme: WACKY(as suggested by Lance @ Jungle of Life and has been all about everything Wacky). For more details on what RAOKA is and how you can be a part of this awesome crusade, see details below this post. [logo designed by Melissa at Operation Nice]

My Pursuit of Wackiness

“Here’s my advice: Go ahead and be wacky. Get into a crazy frame of mind and ask what’s funny about what you’re doing.”~Roger Von Oech~

In my pursuit of wackiness…what huh me…Wacky….naa…. 😉

Who knew I had it in me, to be completely and totally wacky. Well wacky sometimes, but not in public….people would actually think i was cookoo!!

So I devised this master plan…Be Wacky But Also Be Not Cookoo!! Genius eh…

So here goes…My lists of all things Wacky, but also socially acceptable {people will still want to befriend you after doing or seeing these..don’t worry 😉 }:

~Wacky Food Combinations that are also Yumm..

  • Really Cold Vanilla Ice Cream+French Fries: This was introduced to me by my younger brother…who incidentally could be wacky personified! Use the hot french fry like a spoon to eat your vanilla(or any other flavor) Ice cream. Its so tasty…you’ll wonder how you lived without it up until now.
  • Coke+Digestive Biscuits- What really??..yeah… it sounds wacky alright…but it tastes out of this world. Also introduced to me by my little brother. Dip the biscuit in the coke much like you would with tea or coffee…simple, wacky and yumm..ok atleast i love it!
  • Mashed Potatoes+Chocolate Sauce Please dont hold me down for calories on this. I love mashed potatoes and I love chocolate sauce….the two together are actually heaven! Pour generous amounts of chocolate sauce on buttery mashed potatoes and enjoy.

~Wacky Pictures that will certainly make you go HUH!-

Wacky Blogging Pose
wacky feet shoes
wacky cat pose
strawberry kisses the melon(wacky food art)

~And Now the Mega Wacky Video I found on Youtube….I say Mega Wacky….see it to believe it –

My Little Daughter couldnt stop laughing watching this video. And everytime it got over, she kept saying “again again again”!!

My mission here is complete…..Oh I didnt tell you what my mission was..Silly Me 🙂

Mission– To Make YOU SMILE!……ok for you to wackily smile …i do hope i have done that.

My month went by trying wacky stuff….many of which cant be mentioned 😉 But know this..I had a blast trying it all and am going to continue keeping the wacky me alive. Why?? cause it makes me Happy 🙂 Simple eh…

Now its YOUR turn. What other wacky things did you try? What other wacky things can you think of for me to try out? I would love to hear from you 🙂

NOTE: What is RAOKA? Random Acts of Kick Arse is a movement to bring more of {a monthly theme} into our lives, and the lives of those around us. This awesome movement was initiated by Sami from Life, Laughs and LemmingsRAOKA Logo courtesy of Melissa from Operation NICE. The theme for January is “Gratitude” also courtesy of Melissa from Operation Nice. If you would like to join this movement please contact Sami on her blog for further details.

Other awesome RAOKA Crusaders:

Sami from Life, Laughs and Lemmings

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Dani from Positively Present

Melissa from Operation NICE

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Lance from The Jungle of Life

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with love Zeenat

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36 thoughts on “RAOKA:My Pursuit of Wackiness ;)

  1. Hey, I put up my wackiness post too!!! Yay, I DID get the day correct! Now I must go and add your link to my post — I am brand new at this and just getting my feet wet, so forgive me — I kind of know not what I do.

    HOLY cow!! On those shoes — I LOVE those.

    And those bloopers — so sweet, the one with the water in the diaper has me in stitches!!!

    Ahh, so much fun!


    1. Hi Jannie,
      Am going to check your wackiness out ….but i have no doubt you Aced this wacky theme hands down 🙂 After all youre my dose of wacky all year round 😉
      It good to have some fun eh…

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  3. Dammit, I just KNEW wackiness is a good thing! Good old lighthearted madness has got to be the cure for whatever. As for wacky food, my most favorite is crumbled-up potato chips over chocolate ice cream, so I can relate to the french fry and ice cream idea. Go, Zeenat, be nuts!

    1. Hi Jeanne,
      So you think I am nuts!!! Well yeah…;) I am having a blast being nuts…
      Ohh and crumbled potato chips over ice cream seems like must try for sure ….
      And a bit of healthy madness incorporated in our otherwise stressful lives can certainly heal a lot more than we can ever imagine.
      Thank you so much for your lovely thoughts here..and for that awesome food combo….:)

  4. Hi Zeenat!
    Wow, you really wackied out this past month! I was laughing out loud when I watched the video, too! Soooo funny!!

    And, wow, having my B.S. in nutrition, I don’t even want to start with the foods you talked about – ha ha ha – but hey, these foods aren’t that bad when eaten in moderation. 🙂

    Go for it, girl!

    Thanks for sharing your wacky findings, Zeenat, I love them!

    1. Hey Lori,
      Sometimes and moderation are good words….and should be certainly adhered to when indulging in wacky foods..infact it I should have put a disclaimer eh..;)
      That video is the only thing my little girl will watch to eat her food…and she literally rolls on the floor and laughs while watching this…….
      Wacky is wacky fun 😉

  5. Zeenat,
    That video is loads of laughs!! Ha!!! I love it!

    So…I have never ever tried any of your food concoctions! I do like mashed potatoes, and chocolate is even higher on the list…but together!! Yikes! And those shoes – those are the best!!

    Happy Wacky Day!!!

    1. Hi Lance,
      Dont yikes….try the concoctions…you will seriously go yummm after….My own personal guarantee…:)
      Those shoes made me wonder why I have feet in the first place..;)
      Happy Wacky day and days to you too 😉

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  7. Hi Z,
    I always have seen you as wacky, so what have I missed that you say you are not. However maybe it is my projection, people I like I always see as wacky as that is a compliment. With wacky I mean they are not stuck and are willing to try different things and I think most of us see different as wacky.
    So my friend, wacky on and I loved all the wackiness you presented me with, however … THAT food WAS reallllyyy wacky, hmmm.
    And I love your experimenting with the look of your blog, like putting different lipsticks on.
    Lots of love, Wilma

    1. Hi Wilma,
      How can you know I was wacky when i was working so hard to come off as a normal gal huh….hmm telepathic thats what you are 😉
      Try the foods….wacky for sure…but tasty …they are a good indulgence once in a wacky while 😉
      As for the blog look..its my Hearts Design…something I am feeling lately Calm. I wrote a post about it at the end of 2009….I guess my blog is maturing with me 🙂 But, considering this wacky post….i guess maturity seems far far away 😉
      Lots of love to you too….Z

    1. Hi Stephen,
      Oh my my…my wacky secret is out….;) I was a wacky closet person…but now in public…..well now my wacky self wont go back in….I guess the blogosphere will just have to deal with my wacky self too…hmm…;)
      Glad you liked this side though…felt good to do something light hearted and fun…:)

    1. Oh Sami,
      Your raoka is making me do crazy crazy things…:) But me loving it so so much!
      Oh please replace the ketchup with chocolate sauce..i plead you..:)
      Glad to make you smile 🙂

  8. Hi Zeenat,

    I just found your blog and I love it. I have to admit that I followed the hijab first because I am always looking for Muslimah bloggers.

    Great video, I didn’t know what to expect.

    1. Hi Salma,
      Salaams…I am so glad you came by 🙂 I love to connect with muslimah bloggers too. There are not many around na…
      I usually write about thoughts and feelings..and positive thinking…this post was a major shift for me to write or present something funny..but it felt so good. Glad you liked the video.
      I hope you keep coming back and enjoying this blog 🙂
      Lots of love

  9. Hello. My name is Jacqui which happens to rhyme with wacky. I’ve often been called wacky Jacqui which is fine by me 🙂 Wackiness is fun. It’s not something I think about, I just get these odd moments that come over me 🙂 Long live Wacky!

    1. Oh Jacqui..whose name rhymes with wacky…I should have featured you in this post na..;)
      Yes those odd moments of wackiness are what make life so much more fun isnt it…:)
      Thank you so much for sharing your lovely thoughts here 🙂
      Long live Wacky Jacqui 😉

  10. I have to know Zeenat…cold mashed potatoes with hot fudge sauce or hot mashed potatoes with cold chocolate sauce? Whacky at our house usually involves dressing our standard poodle Ellie in costumes. My favorite so far (and I think hers as well-hard to say) is her circa American 1950’s style pink poodle skirt. pink button down (or under being a four legged being) cardigan and four white lacy bobby socks…no kidding!!! She’s a really good sport, and seems to quite enjoy the attention…she has also been known to dress in a red kimono with a black obi, a blue t-shirt with a red satin cape (this is her Wonder Poodle look) and a pink tutu and matching fairy wings.

    happy wackiness to all:)

    1. HI Laura,
      Your poodle dressing sound so wacky awesome ! And the mashed potatoes with chocolate sauce works great hot or cold…:)
      Pink fairy wings awwwww…..
      Much love

    1. Hi Gayle,
      Wow…chocolate chip with orange juice…I have gotta try that…got to got to 😉
      Glad you liked this wacky post…and thank you fro your wonderful comment 🙂
      Much Love

  11. Hi Miss Wacky Z! It’s always good to start out my day with a good laugh! Thanks for that! I must say those food combos sound “interesting”. I love wacky, it’s just being silly and having fun and when I feel an attack of wack comin’ I don’t worry about what others think at all. I rather like to see astonished faces – its great encouragement to me and lets me know I’m “there”, in the wacky zone! I can’t get wacky with food tho. I have a very specific diet so no wacky stuff in my kitchen – but I dance with the cabinet doors, does that count?

    1. Oh Suzen, I am gonna add dancing with the cabinet doors to my wacky list of things to do…It counts for sure 🙂
      As for the food…just try one little french fry with ice cream…ppplllease…pretty please….. 😉
      Much love from Miss Wacky 😉

  12. Hello my socially-acceptable WACKY friend! Those ideas were crazy and off the wall (I’m talking about the food pairings, mostly!), and that video was hilarious! Why is it that watching people fall down or bump into things is so freakin’ funny? Yikes! I might have to send that around. (smile)

    As for wacky suggestions, it would seem that Katie at the Levity Project would be a good source for this type of thing. She’s all about FUN and laughter. (She’s a laughter coach, actually.) Hmm, now you have me thinking… I think about as wacky as I get in public would have to be doing something unexpected (like falling down, tripping, or the like), or wearing funny t-shirts. My latest t-shirt find at Old Navy says on the front, “Staying In is the New Going Out.” Otherwise, I’m pretty vanilla (without the ice cream and french fries part!).

    Love & joy to you!

    1. Hello my joyful angel,
      I like that T shirts idea….I used to have a T shirt of the sort when i was a teenager….when my wack was actually in full swing….as for now i am more a simple plane Jane kind 🙂 but I might just venture out and get some wacky t shirts….You have inspired me 🙂
      I am so glad you enjoyed this bit of wacky change 🙂 And the food combos are really awesome do be adventurous a try them… 🙂
      And katie at the levity project is indeed a hoot..i need to go over there more often to get my dose 🙂
      Love and Joy to you too my angel !

    1. Hi Steven,
      I hope you arent in shock with this wack change 😉 Its only for a bit…i will be getting back to my regular tone fromt he next post….but for now i am Wacky Z 😉

  13. This is great never thought you could have wacky moments.. I suppose the saying never judge a book by its cover is right then.. And Z you have definitely put a smile on my face cuz those shoes look Damn wacky …. Lovely Wacky Week 🙂

    1. Hi Fatima,
      I think i shockled quite a few people with this wacky post huh..;)
      Glad to put a smile on your face and am so happy you liked this post 🙂

  14. Zeenat,
    Coke with digestives? Say it isn’t so! Some things are sacred. Digestives with tea or milk – not with Coke! Yuck! 🙂 You’re really pushing out my edges with your potatoes with chocolate – mixing up my brain. But that’s the idea, isn’t it? Thank you for giving my brain a good mix. And I love the photos – I like the man with the laptop in the kiddie pool the best. Baby bloopers – so much fun watching those little people! Thanks for sharing your well-developed wacky side with us,

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