Lost Souls – A Tribute

many many candlesAs I looked at the date today, I felt a chill run through me. This date brings back memories of tragedy and an incredible loss of precious innocent human life. You all know what I am talking about- the attacks on the world trade center in 2001. Every year on this date I become quite and question the universe for such a huge loss of beautiful souls.

I have often been able to understand, or rather come to terms with loss due to a natural calamity. But, a man made calamity, that too of this proportion, I cant understand. I dont know why one human being would consider another human beings life so cheap and unimportant. In my opinion a ‘true human being’ cannot and would not do something like that. I just cant fathom it.

Even today when I read or hear of the tragedy and the aftermath of that tragedy, I feel so helpless. Helpless cause I couldn’t do anything but watch and listen. I might have been from another country on another side of the world, but i could and still feel the pain of the loss. I keep wondering how it would be had that tragedy not happened? All those people who went there to work and never came back. All those who went there to help and were left critical or damaged for life. All those who were left with incomplete families…

Can we help???

“Prayer is not an old woman’s idle amusement. Properly understood and applied, it is the most potent large_praying_handsinstrument of action.” -Mohandas Gandhi

Physically, sometimes its not feasible to help, but in spirit YES we can.
We can Hope and Pray. We can send them our love and think of them in our prayers.
How many times have we prayed for someone other than ourselves or our loved ones?
Learning to pray for anothers plight makes us selfless. It makes the universe aware of the positivity going out and maybe just maybe all that positivity will go in the right direction.

Today, as a tribute to those beautiful lost souls, I would request you to say a prayer for them. A prayer that will reach them and make them feel like they mattered and haven’t been forgotten. A prayer that will show them the immense love that is still felt for them and that their going has left a huge hole in the universe.

I urge you to also pray for their families. May they have the strength to overcome this loss and live their life as was truly intended for them to be lived.

The Almighty Allah Says in the Holy Quran- “Call On Me, I Answer You.”

Lets all Call on the Almighty today for Peace and Love to surround this whole universe. Amen.

with love Zeenat

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24 thoughts on “Lost Souls – A Tribute

  1. Zeenat,

    Bless you so much. This is such a breathtaking beautiful tribute to those who lost their lives on 911.

    Brushing away the tears, I have been thinking about it that day and where I was. Panicking most of the day by the fear of us, the United States being attack. Naive as it sounds, I of one of millions never believed such a thing happen to my country.

    Then having my parents business there and wondering if they were alright. My childhood friend and husband live and work in the city. It was one the most devastating day of my life.

    Thank you s very much for this heartfelt article.
    Love you my friend.

    1. Dearest Bunny,
      I cant imagine how you mustve felt being in the eye of the storm…when i was so jittery and broken being so far…..
      We are all proud citizens of our own countries and I also never thought something like this could happen to a super power country like yours. But hate has a certain disgusting way of infiltrating even the strongest souls…so whats a country.
      It was indeed one of the most devastating days….the trauma we felt is still nothing compared to what the victims and their families felt on that very day. I just hope and pray they are all at peace today.
      When I opened my dashboard and saw your pingback….and read the title of your post…i could so feel the connection between us. I am so grateful to have found such a lovely friend such as you. I am sure i mustve done something really really good in my life to be blessed by your presence in my life.
      Thank you for always being YOU.
      Lots and lots of love…

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  3. As a tribute I pray for peace within and pray that that peace will ripple all over the globe. I pray that everybody who have lost loved ones will find peace and forgiveness within.
    I pray that we all will understand Ho’Oponopono and thus can and will forgive the attackers as well.
    Let them not have lost their lives in vain.
    Love Wilma

  4. Zeenat,
    Today, I join you in prayer. May all those who suffered in some way on this day eight years ago, find peace in knowing that they and their loved ones are not forgotten. That they mattered…

    1. HI Lance,
      Thank you for joining in my humble attempt to bring a bit of love and peace to the lost souls. These beautiful souls didnt lose their life for nothing…they mattered in every way to all of us.

  5. That’s such a beautiful sentiment, Zeenat. Thank you for reminding me of how important it is to pray today, which I will do when I finish commenting. I will follow your lead and hold all the souls – living and passed – in my heart.

    That day is one I doubt anyone who lived through it will forget. I still recall where I was, what I was doing, and who I was with… And I remember thinking, “Could this be real?”

    Love to you, and love to everyone who passed over as a result of what happened eight years ago today. I like to believe there are more stars in the sky now to showcase their souls, and offer us a light home.

    1. Hi Megan,
      I know what you mean…no one can forget where and what they were doing on that day. It was just so unreal.
      I am so glad you could join in and pray for all the beautiful souls living and passed. Those twinkling bright stars are there to show us the light…
      Thank you for being here and for praying. Means so much…
      Lots of love to you too.

  6. Oh Zeenat, and everybody, hugs to you all as this date is once again a reminder of tragedy. On a personal level, my best friend’s daughter was on the Pentagon plane and my son rushed home from college to join the Army. I join you in prayers!

  7. Dearest Zeenat, this is simply lovely and thoughtful. I too pray for peace every single day. Not only to bring more peace into my own life and the lives of my family and friends, but inner peace within myself, as that peace will affect change in the whole world. If we each live inner peace we cannot help but create outer peace. I also pray that all the souls suffering all over the globe find peace and cessation of suffering, pain and torture. I not only pray, but I feel and know peace as a Universal reality. Dear sweet sincere Zeenat, thank you for caring and loving as much as you do and so freely and generously. I love that about you. Love, Robin

    1. Dear Robin,
      Thank you for coming here and praying for all those lost souls. A universal prayer for peace, harmony and happiness would surely do wonders. Thank you again.
      And I Love so much, cause My Lord made each and every one of you and his creations are always always worth loving.
      Lots of love.

  8. Zeenat – I love your blog and feel peaceful when I visit…It seems we have much in common and I would love visit here more often and be in touch with you.
    This post was wonderful …as someone living in a city (Mumbai) that was the target of so much hate – I know what fear is…and to think that its carried out in the name of that beautiful, peace loving religion of Islam, it makes one so sick to the heart.
    Will come by again – and soon 🙂
    Take care.

    1. Hi Corinne,
      I love that you love my blog. I do hope to see you here again soon.
      I am so sorry it took me so long to reply to this comment. I actually went to your blog as soon as i read your comment and left some thoughts for you there. Hope you liked them.I lvoe your blog too. Will be visiting soon.
      Am in mumbai right now..visiting my mum too.

      1. Hi Zeenat – Thank you so much for the visit to my blog and your comments – they meant a lot from you. And was so edified with your story.

        In Mumbai now you say? Have a good visit with your Mum. I live in Bandra! 🙂
        Take care and see you here often.

        A warm hug

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