Lessons From 6 years of Motherhood~A Tribute to all Mothers and their Children

Lessons From 6 years of Motherhood~A Tribute to all Mothers and their ChildrenEvery day when I look at my little girl, growing up in front of me..all I can think of is how she has so much NEW to her everyday. Everyday there is a new sentence she will learn a new way to say something old. Everyday to me is a marvel with my little girl around.

As I think back to my childhood days, I remember being very naughty. I also remember being very rebellious and difficult when I was a teenager. But I also really remember how my mother tried her hardest to make me understand life with love. She stayed up nights when we were ill, cried when we scraped our knees, nursed us when we were down. She was there always. My mother worked very hard, but she still tried her level best to put a hot meal on the table, made sure we said our prayers, kept us clean and most of all happy. Today as a grown woman I can appreciate all this. Continue reading “Lessons From 6 years of Motherhood~A Tribute to all Mothers and their Children”

100 Years of Compassion&Service~A Tribute to Mother Teresa

August 26th 2010 marked the birthday of Mother Teresa. She would have been 100 on this day. This article is to pay tribute to such an eminent personality, who taught us not only compassion but also humility, love and service to others. She was truly an epitome of service to the world. One of the personalities in modern day who I look up to and have learned so much from. Continue reading “100 Years of Compassion&Service~A Tribute to Mother Teresa”

Lost Souls – A Tribute

many many candlesAs I looked at the date today, I felt a chill run through me. This date brings back memories of tragedy and an incredible loss of precious innocent human life. You all know what I am talking about- the attacks on the world trade center in 2001. Every year on this date I become quite and question the universe for such a huge loss of beautiful souls.

I have often been able to understand, or rather come to terms with loss due to a natural calamity. But, a man made calamity, that too of this proportion, I cant understand. I dont know why one human being would consider another human beings life so cheap and unimportant. In my opinion a ‘true human being’ cannot and would not do something like that. I just cant fathom it. Continue reading “Lost Souls – A Tribute”