Where You Stumble{Inspirational Quote}

where You Stumble“It is by going down into the abyss
that we recover the treasures of life.
Where you stumble,
there lies your treasure.”

~Joseph Campbell~

with love Zeenat

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30 thoughts on “Where You Stumble{Inspirational Quote}

  1. Hey Zeenat,

    thank you for providing this awesome quote, the picture you’ve tagged along with it fits perfectly.

    That quote means a lot as it states that the “treasures” of life lies within the abyss. Not within the superficiality of the world, but within the deep spaces of ourselves.

    Also Zeenat, I don’t mean to be annoying, but isn’t that quote from Joseph Campbell? :S Oh well, all it matters is that you got this awesome quote for us! πŸ™‚


    1. HI Steven,
      You were right…lol….i made a boo boo…have corrected it though πŸ™‚
      You have really got the meaning of this quote πŸ™‚
      Looking into yourself while stuck or hurt truly brings out the wisdom in each of us. And that wisdom is truly precious.

  2. Zeenat,
    What an amazing picture you have to go with this quote – so, so fitting.

    I’m thinking about those moments that have been challenging in my life, and how when I really dig into those moments – they can be so filled with insight. And that’s been so, so good. This is reminding me today just how good that is…

    1. HI lance,
      It took me forever to decide on the pic. But when i saw this pic…it just fit like a glove .
      It is amazing how much we can learn in our weakest and worst moments of life. Falling and learning form that fall is a miraculous experience all together.

  3. I agree with Lance – This picture fits the quote just perfectly!

    And yes, only by falling down, by failing, do we get the opportunity to pick ourselves back up and learn about who we really are.

    1. Hi Jay,
      People usually forget to find themselves..and are so busy living their oblivious lives to even notice..that everything thats truly meaningful is inside ourself.
      Glad you liked the pic…took me hours to decide which one to use πŸ™‚

  4. Danny

    It wasn’t till I climed down inside to find the wonderful treasures of life that I had stuffed away in my early days …

  5. Hi Zeenat!
    Wonderful quote and picture! Your message today speaks volumes! Nobody seems to want to stumble or looks for things to trip over – but boy, that climb up out of the hole has some pretty invigorating lessons. I am trying to embrace the fall, with some limited success. (emphasis: limited)

    1. Hi Suzen,
      The fall is the hardest thump!!! after that the process of finding the treasure is usually a gradual and slow process. The faster we try to come up the harder we will fall again. Slow and steady does the trick πŸ™‚ Your succes is unlimited my dear….youll realize that after youve come back up…and will see where youve been….

    1. HI Nadia,
      Hitting rock bottom is painful…but the climb back up can be truly enriching and invigorating for the soul.
      Campbell quotes and writings have a way of getting to the gut for me …..Am glad he is one of your favs too:)

  6. While it never feels good to venture downward into an abyss of darkness, negativity, uncertainty, etc., those times have always been my greatest teacher, challenging me to stretch beyond my known limits and grow bigger than I thought possible.

    And I second others’ sentiments that the picture you chose for this quote is spectacular! Holy cats, I love it!

    1. HI My JOyful Angel,
      I know…we knowingly dont want to go there…into the darkness..but sometimes life just pushes us…and we have no choice but to face it. In this learning to face it..do we actually find so much more ….youre right…it makes us stretch beyond our known limits and truly we become better people for it.
      Glad you loved the pic…it took me hours to decide upon it πŸ™‚
      Lots of love.

  7. I know that into the abyss is where we need to go but how many of us go there voluntarily to learn?
    We have a chance to go inot the abyss right now with this so called recession and to let go of what we have and does not serve us. Who is courageous enough???
    Hmm, great quote and yet . . .

    1. Hi Wilma,
      This is such a valid point you bring up. Recession has hit us so badly…but we although are trying to climb out of it..I am afraid we arent learning anything …..
      Courage is definitely required to come out of it…but a reality check on our own living patterns is a bigger necessity.
      Glad you liked the quote…and even happier it made you think….:) ME think cause you think…;)

  8. Dear Zeenat, Oh THIS is soooo me. I wrote something on twitter the other day that said, “It is in going into the dark that we find the light.”

    I know this whole reality with every bone in my body. I know it because it has been my life experience. I am going to print it out. Just love it.

    Thank you dear friend,

    1. HI sweet Robin,
      How my face and my spirit light up everytime i read something of yours…whether its a comment or a post πŸ™‚
      “going into the dark to find the light” is just such a perfect example of exactly what this quote is all about…and coincidentally what life is all about.
      I am happy you liked this πŸ™‚
      Lots of love

    1. Hi Kaushik,
      Deep within ourself is where all the good stuff is. Somehow we just forget isnt it πŸ™‚ This quote is such a great reminder.
      Glad you liked this πŸ™‚

  9. Zeenat,
    Beautiful quote and so accurate in my experience…believe me, stumbling is what I do best these days on my leaden feet…and I am continually learning more and more about myself, love, compassion and God’s Constant Presence.

    may you stumble upon a new treasure every day,

    1. Thank you Laura,
      Your comments always light up my spirit. Gods constant presence is like the cherry on my inward journey cake πŸ™‚ Such a beautiful feeling to know at all times that youre in the loving grace of the Lord.
      May you stumble and share your treasures too πŸ™‚
      I came to your blogs..but got confused as to which one to visit and read. All are so good….please guide me as to which one is it that your personally write on.

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