Three Feathers Today for My Little Angel

Our birthdays are feathers in the broad wing of time. ~Jean Paul Richter

Midnight cake cutting

The first time I caught a glimpse of my little angel, I was under heavy anesthesia. But, still her eyes glimmered like the brightest stars and her smile lit up my life.

Today, exactly three years from that day, my life is a complete roller coaster of smiles, laughter and immense happiness. All cause of this little angels presence in my life.

Becoming a mother while brings its challenges on the physical body-no sleep, more cleaning, more training….it takes your heart and soul to a totally different plane of existence. You become more aware, more understanding, more thankful and most of all more cheerful.

The kid in me has come alive since my little angel entered my life. I now enjoy kids shows like Idont remember I ever did. I enjoy her every word, every new action, every new tantrum.

The most important thing I have learned after becoming a mother is learning to go with the flow. Plans dont really work with little ones. She is unpredictable and so is my life. How much fun is that? 🙂 Not knowing what new excitement lies in the next moment makes living a lot of fun!

My heart began its true and essential functioning after becoming a mother. Heart centered functioning is so much better than constantly giving your mind a headache with all the logic and statistics. I have always been the logic driven gal, but this little angel has made me the feelings gal now 🙂

Its amazing how just one little 8 pound baby can turn your life so beautifully around!

This blog began almost a year ago, from my heart and is my little place where I speak from my heart to Your heart. The loving connections I have made here and will make from here in the future are priceless. And who do I have to thank for it all…My little angel Haaniya.

Happy Birthday My Little, Gorgeous and Beautiful Angel. Thank you for coming into my life and spreading your infectious love and joy. May God give you all the blessings in the world, and retain your innocence. Amen

with love Zeenat

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28 thoughts on “Three Feathers Today for My Little Angel

  1. Hi Zeenat, this is a lovely tribute to your daughter and to motherhood. I can only imagine the joy of being a mother and how close and connected you must feel to your daughter. I think the closest thing to motherhood is fatherhood and I know the joys being a father can bring. Thank you Zeenat

  2. Happy Birthday, Haaniya! Both you girls are lucky to have each other. And thank you for sharing your Mum with us – she, like you, brings a lot of joy to people.
    Wishing you all that’s good in life, Haaniya.
    Lots of love

  3. Dear Zeenat,

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to YOUR beautiful Haaniya!
    She Soooo Precious, You are blessed with your little ONE.

    My warmest wishes to you both!
    She is your happiness and joy for years to come.

    Love, Zuzanna

  4. Awww… Happy Birthday to both of you (since on that day a NEW you was born, too!). Any time I see her pictures I just want to jump on a plane and head over there and squeeze her… of course realizing I’d probably have to tackle her for a hug ’cause she’s so fiercely independent! She is such a cutie!!! 🙂

    PS: I love the lavender colors you’ve chosen for you blog… very relaxing.

  5. She is a definite gift! Happy birthday to the sweet little girl.

    I too echo the sentiment that having a child really changed how I live, on a heart level. Whole new worlds of understanding, compassion and love have opened up for me. The birth of a child is definetly the birth of a mother too!

    Be well, Sweet Zeenat.

  6. Happy Birthday, Haaniya!!! And what a beautiful mommy you have. Thank you for opening her heart even more; her love shines like the sun, and I am grateful for her presence in my life. Moreover, I’m grateful for YOUR presence in her life because she adores you like no other.

    Blessings of joy, perfect health, wealth and love always!

  7. Dearest Z, This is a truly beautiful expression of your love and appreciation for your little girl. I am very moved by it. I wish all children in the world had a “Zeenat Mom” in their life and could be so loved, seen and cherished. Just think what an ASTOUNDING place the world would be. Thank you my dear dear precious friend for being who you choose to be each day. You are making such a huge difference in your tiny child’s life, my life, and in the world, and I am deeply grateful. All love, always, Robin

  8. Zeenat,
    What a wonderful birthday wish to your little Haaniya. I feel very deeply, your love for this wonderful soul, and that radiates from you.

    Happy Birthday little one…

  9. HI Zeenat .. congratulations on reaching your fourth year – live a wonderful year .. sharing your joy, your kisses, your love with Mummy and Daddy .. We love your Mummy too as she has such a caring soul .. and it will be wonderful to watch you as you grow and share life with you …

  10. Happy Birthday, Haaniya! She is beautiful…she resembles your photo! Yes children sure do change our lives don’t they? I always thought ages 2-4 were the cutest because of all the new things they learn to say and do. They change so rapidly your heart can’t keep up! The cake looks yummy and I’ve enjoyed meeting your daughter today! Happy momhood. You’re doing a sweet job. You family is blessed! Oh and happy almost 1 birthday to your blog.

  11. Dearest Everyone,
    I am so thankful to each and every one of you for all the love and blessings you have shared and showered on my little one and on me 🙂 I cherish all of you and thank you for making this post so so special.
    You all are awesome! Big hugs and lots of love to you all….If i could send you all yummy chocolate cake….i surely would….so for now I send you all lots of love topped with yummy thanks 🙂

  12. Happy birthday to your beautiful angel, Zeenat. She is as beautiful as her mother. 🙂 To be a mother is a blessing. I always see parenthood as a good training for us in many ways; including an opportunity to re-experience the pure and innocence we once had. Sure is a good idea if we could all taste a bit of that yummy cake. lol.. no problem, our wishes will still be as sincere no matter what. Take great care, always.

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  13. Hi Zeenat,

    What a wonderful tribute to your daughter! I love the idea of midnight cake cutting…that is a wonderful way to start a brand new day! 🙂

    I hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating Haaniya’s special day!

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  15. Zeenat, Happy Birthday to Haaniya and Happy Birth of a New Day to You. I am new here to your blog, and reading your beautiful tribute, I would like to send a flower of celebration from my mountain garden in Japan. The first crocus of spring – an exquisite natural creation I hope you and your beautiful daughter can enjoy. From the foot of Mount Fuji, love and warm wishes to you and your family – Catrien Ross.

    1. HI Catrein,
      Thank you for the wishes and your lovely gesture….I know the image didnt reach me..but its the thought that counts 🙂
      It was nice to see you here…I am gonna go over and check out your blog…. I’m sure it will be just as awesome as you are 🙂
      Much Love~

  16. I like the feathers representing years. Children are such a blessing to us all. They awaken the wonder and joy of life to us. Thanks for a beautiful post.

  17. Happy Birthday to Haaniya! What a precious face:)
    Motherhood brings lots to those who embrace it fully, as you have. Throughout life you will both teach and learn, lead and follow; a beuatiful gift, especially if you allow your heart to lead, as you have:)
    Much peace…

  18. @Ching ya @Nadia @Erin @Catrein and @Joy
    You guys have showered me and my little one with so much love. Thank you….I just know…wishes and love coming form such lovely ladies can only mean a bright a beautiful future for my little angel. Thank youa ll once again..for making this post so so special.
    Lots of love and big hugs to you all 🙂

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