How to be Happy for No Reason

Please Note: This is a guest post by my good friends  Arif & Ali Vakil from Arif & Ali’s Blog

What makes us Happy?

Is it a new car? A job promotion? A new house? Does our Happiness depend on external factors? Do we wait for someone or something to make us happy? Many of us think that “If I had so and so… I would be Happy”. “If my partner would behave in a certain way … I would be Happy” Depending on external factors to make us Happy gives us only short term Happiness, till the time we start craving or the next thing or event to make us Happy.

Is it possible for us to be Happy for No reason?

If we are Happy for No Reason, then we can get Happy independant of what happens outside us. So how does one become Happy for no Reason? The answer lies in the question “Who am I?” If we identify ourselves to objects around us, then our happiness will be subject to these objects, but if we identify ourselves with our Soul then we can be happy for no reason.

Here’s a small test you can do to know how much you’ve identified with your soul. Imagine the following events come true for you, ask yourself how do you feel:

  • When the stock market goes down, and you’ve lost money
  • When the lawyer calls you to say that you’ve lost the case
  • When the boss calls you to say you’re fired

Do these events disturb your inner peace? If you’ve identified with your soul, your inner peace will remain because you will know that it does not matter to the soul if the stock market goes up or down. You understand that nothing in the world is permanent neither money, nor our jobs. Knowing that it is in the nature of external world to change, you will be able to maintain you inner peace. But if you’re identified with your self-image (example: being a rich stock market trader), and when that self-image comes under threat it will immediately disturb your inner peace.

Here are 6 things you can do, to identify with your innerself:

  • Spend time in prayer and meditation
  • Trust in a Higher Power. Know that your mind and intelligence is limited, and you have to surrender to the higher power by avoiding resistance to the present moment.
  • Do not react immediately to your thoughts. Instead become aware of them, and make conscious decisions how you wish to respond to a situation.
  • Become aware of the changing nature of the physical world. Observe how things come and go, and that nothing is eternal.
  • Accept Responsibility of your present state. Know that if you want to bring a change to the world you have to start with yourself, because the world is a reflection of our inner state of consciousness.
  • Know the difference between your “Life” and “Life Situation”. You are “Life” itself, and not your “Life Situation”. For example instead of saying “I am sad”, say “I have feeling of sadness”. This change of vocabulary will help you disidentify from your “Life Situation”.

The more we begin to identify ourselves with the soul, the more we will realize that Happiness is not something that happens to us, but it is a state of mind that we can choose to have. We will then be able to be Happy for No reason.

Now its your turn….Do you know how to be happy for no reason? Or are you still looking for some external reason to be happy? Please share your thoughts in the comments.


Arif & Ali Vakil are brothers based in Bangalore India. They run their a Real Estate firm Vakil Housing. The brothers share their thoughts on spirituality, productivity & life on their personal Blog . Recently they’ve started a series of Web Comics called Sufi Comics. For the latest updates on their Blog, subscribe to their RSS & Twitter Feeds.


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33 thoughts on “How to be Happy for No Reason

  1. Hi Z, Arif and Ali
    To know that we are not dependent on external factors is the best knowledge of all to have.
    How pathetic really would I be if my joyful state would depend on the weather for example or my neighbor or my car?
    Or on my hair, now think about it really, that would be sad.
    Being responsible for our own state of joy and happiness gives us respect and honor our ability to be more than just victims.
    And yes I know to be happy for the only reason that counts in my book and that is that I am finally aware how to enjoy this time on earth.
    Love to you all, Wilma

  2. Trust is huge on my list now. Having faith and non resisting what is and just knowing that everything unfolds perfectly is definitely what can bring miracles into our lives. It’s definitely working in mine. Awesome post as always Zeenat, thank you!!

  3. Hi Zeenat – you’ve changed the template again – hearts to you!!

    Thanks for this post by your blogging brothers .. Arif and Ali

    I particularly like your third point – we should not react immediately to our thoughts, as so often we are doing so without thinking, being aware. I think this should be taught to us at an early age …

    Your recommendation that we change our vocabulary is such a good idea, as it will change our emotions and our thoughts going forward.

    Happy for No Reason – I always look at myself and say I am so lucky (happy) that I have been educated, I live in England, I have choices and I’m not constantly thinking of the absolute basics of life .. where my next meal is coming from etc .. The other thing at the moment which is central to where I am now is when my severely stroked mother laughs .. and I count my blessings that she has been so brilliant and selfless with her situation: amazing learning curve.

    Thanks – good to meet you both .. Arif and Ali .. being at peace at the moment is so important to me – not being stressed by the situation .. we have wonderful Indian nurses and staff working at the Nursing Home and I’m very grateful for their care.

    1. Hi Hilary, Good to meet you as well 🙂

      I agree with you that by changing the language of our thoughts, we can in turn change the feelings that arise towards these thoughts.

      Yes I do hear of a lot of Indians traveling abroad to get jobs as nurses. I’m glad to hear they’re doing good work.

  4. Hi Arif and Ali,
    This is really such a deeply good concept. And I try to be in that spot. In fact, recently I have been through a couple of very moving personal experiences – both of which just added to a deeper sense of peace within. And with that – I do *usually* feel happy for no reason. And that is such a wonderful place to be!

    So , this message you are sharing is so good. The more we can let this permeate our soul…the more life will be right and good…

  5. Hi Z, Arif, and Ali!

    I love your last point…we are our lives..not our life situations. Situations come and go, and learning that lesson goes a long way towards achieving inner happiness.

    1. Hi Jay, yes it’s something Eckhart Tolle often mentions and expresses this idea very well. When you get the chance I recommend searching for excerpts of his talks on youtube.

  6. Excellent post and example of how our state of happiness can be affected by material or outside things. I love what Jay says we are not our life situations. I still have my “ego” days and figure I will as long as I’m walking earth. However I know who I am and how to change my emotional state when I stumble and fall. Again…good stuff. Thanks Z.

    1. Hi Tess, at times it can be difficult to be happy for no reason, especially if we’re going through challenging times. But what’s important is to come on track when we fall off. Over time we get better at it 🙂

  7. I love these short and sweet posts that get right to the heart of the matter.

    In this case, the topic is timely for me and the advice will be very helpful to me in my current situation and hopefully throughout my life. Thank you.


  8. This post made me happy (but not “for no reason”) — you guys really understand what it’s all about.

    I have more and more moments when happiness just seeps out of me, for no reason other than I am thrilled to be engaged in my present earthwalk.

    As an example of how my happiness expresses itself, two nights this week I’ve fallen asleep and gotten a case of the giggles because my spirit feels so light. (Note: no one else is with me to make me giggle, either; it’s just me and my soul!)

    I love what you’ve written here, and want to spread this message far and wide.

    Thank you, Beautiful Zeenat, for sharing Ali and Arif’s wisdom here today. You guys are awesome!

    1. Dear Megan,

      The experience of peace of being in the present moment is beautiful. Whatever we put our attention on becomes our reality. By putting our attention in the ‘now’, we experience the beauty and serenity of the present moment. Thanks for your thoughts.

  9. Dear Zeenat,

    Thank you for the post about Arif and Ali.

    Happiness does not depend on things; it is a state of mind.
    Do not need to buy new toys, like a car or something else.
    I have learned through my life stages that being happy
    it is easier to connect with other people.
    The face shows the internal state of a person.

    Do not have a degree in psychology but I do see what other may feel
    or what is often bothering them. There is some intuitive sense inside my heart
    that I can feel even reading someone’s article.

    I love Nature, so for me looking at the trees, flowers, children that they are so innocent makes my day happy. Simple things can be a key to happiness…
    Thank you for the lovely article!


    1. Hi Zuzanna,

      You’re very correct in saying Happiness is a state of mind. Once we realize that, we’ll know that to be happy is a choice that we make, rather than having outside circumstances dictate it.

  10. Zeenat — Thanks for sharing Arif and Ali’s post with us!

    Arif and Ali — I enjoyed this post very much because I had to learn how to be happy. I used to be afraid of being happy.

    Then I discovered that happiness is a something I can teach myself and can work at. When I say “work at, ” I mean paying attention to when I feel happy and allowing it, rather running from it. As you said in this post, I had to realize that I have the choice to be happy or not to be happy. I’m choosing happiness:~)

    Now, when I feel happy for no reason at all, I let it sink into me. I don’t expect to stay forever, but enjoy it while I have it:~)

    1. Hi Sara,
      There’s wisdom in the way you expressed your thoughts. It takes time, practice & patience for these lessons to sink in. The more we all learn these lessons, the better this world is going to be.

  11. HiDear Z, Arif and Ali! What a delightful title for this post – it grabbed me instantly! And the content – just perfect! Happiness is a choice and we can chose it no matter what is in our face.

    I wish I had this nugget of wisdom decades ago but alas, here I am at 62 and I want the last decades of my life to be the best, the happiest! I wake up each day grateful to have a day before me and I keep that feeling of gratitude going all day – a steady flow of happiness keeps my heart pumping. It’s an attitude, a mind set, and as such it’s certainly available to one and all in unlimited supply! I wish happiness always for everyone – especially for you both! Thank you for a perfectly wonderful post!

    1. Hi Suzen,
      At times I also get this feeling of regret “I wish I had known this earlier…” but then I thought that I should be grateful that I learnt this now rather than later, and I should share it with others so that they don’t make the same mistakes.

      Also, Life is Eternal! So it’s not so bad that we learn things late, because our soul will be alive forever expressing itself in a different ways. 🙂

  12. Happy is a state of mind, good thing is we can choose to be happy when we least feel like it. I like the message you brought out because we need more positive vibe. However, I think I will always be happy for some reasons — for being alive, for being blessed, good things or bad, it’s a process of life. I really hope I can still remember all things to be grateful for no matter what happens. I really do hope so. 🙂 Thank you for the reminder.

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    1. Hi Ching Ya,
      It took me some time to realize that Happiness is a choice. But once we realize it, there is a sense of freedom felt, that is there is not external circumstance to rely on to be happy 🙂

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  14. I like the topic “how to be happy for no reason”. I think being happy is the result of what is on our mind. If we are grateful for the free fresh air that we breath then we happiness is ours.

  15. Hey Everyone,
    Thank you for giving such a warm welcome to Arif&Ali here. I am sure they had a good time responding to your beautiful thoughts.
    Do go over to their blog and check them out. You will enjoy their originality 🙂

    Dear Arif & Ali,
    Thank you for taking the time to write such a wonderful post. I can see from the comments that all the readers loved it. Your replies to all the comments are so perfect. Thank you again for gracing my blog with your presence.

    Much love,

  16. It is a marvelous post. I fully agree with the article that happiness should not be related to any even and should spring by itself. If you can get equanimity of mind then this state is easier to get. Earthly events then do not affect your inner happiness. Thanks for sharing with us.

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  18. I remember a story which my teacher told me when I was in eleventh standard.

    There was a man who was a great believer in God and prayed a lot. But he was not happy. He wanted to have money, power and more stuff like that. 🙂

    One day God sent His angel to him. Angel asked, “What do you want?” The man said, “Make a tree grow so that whenever I am below its leaves, all of my wishes are fulfilled.” The angel made a tree grow. The man became very happy. Whenever he went below that tree, whatever he needed he received.

    Some times later he became sad again. He was sad even when he was below that tree.

    One day an old man came there and saw this man. The old man asked the reason of his sadness. The man told everything to this old man. The old man said, “Why did you ask for a tree below which all of your wishes could come true? Whey did you not ask for a tree under which you would have no wishes at all?”

  19. raju ( ex-vakilite )

    Dear Ali Sir,

    Its very surprising & nice to read on “How to be Happy for No Reason” Here is the practical experience of mine to share with all you people.

    – I always observe my present thoughts & I encourage only being happy & won’t take negatives to next frame of my thought.
    – To reach this stage we need to practice, practice & practice.
    – I also recommend my all time favorite book called “Power of Now – Ekart Tolly” this will really help one’s life to be happy for ever.
    – Finally one of my secret to be revealed is, meet Arif & Ali Sir, they themselves are the mentors & they reflect for Happiness. I am the leaving example & I had a gifted time working with them for few years & learned how to be simple & be joyous in life.

    – graphic designer

  20. This is really funny because I’ve been thinking about the same thing, just in a different way. I made a little post about it on my blog. Thanks for posting this. It really made me think.

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