Everyday IS Earth Day!

Last week, on April 22nd the world observed Earth Day. Earth Day is a day designed to inspire awareness and appreciation for the Earth’s environment.

What a tremendous, sacred gift we have been given to live in this beautiful world! Do we truly hold it dear to our hearts, or do we take it for granted?

“In all things of nature there is something marvelous.” ~Aristotle~

What has happened in our world? I am sad and dismayed when I read in the newspapers that ethics have been put aside in favor of greed and financial gain.

Our Earth was created as a sacred space, a cloak that protects us with a life giving atmosphere, a cloak that protects a vast vegetation of plants and animals that depend on each other for survival. We have abused this Earth’s sacredness and are ruining our soil and water with chemicals, garbage and pollutants. Forests have been erased around the world and cities have been built too close to floodplains. It we don’t mend our environmental cloak around the world, HOW will we live?

We need positive changes in attitudes, and each of us needs to speak out. We have to turn battle against nature into appreciation and partnership with nature.  We need to let our country heads and lawmakers know how we feel.

You can make a difference too, by raising your voice against the practices that cause environmental damage, needless wars and large scale suffering around the world.

While gazing out of my apartment balcony recently, I saw a big tree. I saw the trunk as the body with a  sad face. The branches were like arms-some weak, some strong, reaching out in all directions. it reminded me of the plight of our earth.  My heart breaks when I see suffering. Peace is far more cheaper than war. Dont you think so too?

We should never forget that in preserving the environment and fostering peace and love in the world, we protect our most precious resource- our children, grand-children and all generations to come. As we make efforts to heal the earth, also reach out to heal each other.

Speak out with love and understanding to your families, communities, friends and the world. Look around you and you will see how important it is for us to make Every day – Earth day!

Earth Day was founded by U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson as an environmental teach-in held on April 22, 1970 and is celebrated in more than 175 countries every year.

with love Zeenat

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19 thoughts on “Everyday IS Earth Day!

  1. Zeenat,
    That’s exactly it – while our generation might be fine, and the earth can sustain the damage we are doing during our lifetime….how about the lives of our children, and their children, and so on? If we look at the bigger picture, and the damage that can be done from our carelessness – then it becomes so much easier to really focus on treating our earth with care and respect. And that IS peace in action….which is such a beautiful way to live!

  2. Zeenat–
    Everything you point out here is so true. The Earth *is* a sacred space, our home our shelter the place that houses our beings. What a precious commodity, yet something many people just take for granted. We are blessed to be surrounded by such beauty, and I think to show our daily appreciation should be automatic. Everyone is pretty responsible about maintaining the home they live in; we should all be as diligent in lovingly caring for our beautiful Earth. Daily. Personally, the beauty of the land and skies, the sustenance from the food, the comfort of the ocean are all things that soothe my soul and help shape me and the direciton of my life; I am guided by nature, so I care for nature. I am glad you are sharing your awareness with your readers:)

  3. There is a new epidemic of childhood diseases and cancer being linked to toxic.environmental triggers. This is already happening NOW to our children. Here’s a link for more information about this: healthychild.org/issues/diseases_and_conditions/

    Zenat, this is SO beautifully written. I love what you have said about forming a partnership with the earth and having earth day every day.

  4. Hi Zeenat .. what a wonderful article .. concise and to the point – absolutely .. and yes peace has to be cheaper, better, kinder, more caring and custodian of our future than war – which damages all – nature, things, bodies and souls.

    The picture is beautiful .. as is the blog with its changes ..

    Love your words and thoughts .. thank you the earth deserves to be cloaked in love as a sacred place .. Hilary

  5. Megan "JoyGirl!" Bord

    What a fantastic, inspirational post, Beautiful Zeenat! Every day I become more and more aware of my interconnectedness with all sentient and non-sentient beings, and in doing so, I feel the earth more than ever before. I, too, see trees as life forms with hearts, minds and feelings. Some trees look happy to be alive, and others given an energy of struggle.

    Healing the planet starts with each of us — an agreement we make within ourselves to heal our own minds, bodies and hearts, and in doing so, our wholeness expands outward to the world. Likewise, we can heal ourselves by first taking action to heal the planet. When we pick up trash, consume less, demand cleaner products that leave smaller footprints… We reap the personal benefits of that in seen and unseen ways.

    Big EARTHDAY hug to you!

  6. Hello Zeenat

    Oh my heart went out to this article so much! Like you, I have such a strong passion, care and empathy for our beloved Earth. Each day for me is Earth Day and bless you for sharing that message as well.

    I tell you, today this is my most favorite holiday, as it is one day that revolves around “less” not “more” – more food, more drink, more stuff, more waste…..

    So thank you again for sharing this. The more awareness and voices there are for the Earth, the more inspiration we infuse for others to also become more aware of all their actions and heal, not hurt the Earth 🙂

  7. Hi Zeenat, I love the idea. Everyday should be earth day. One day a year is not enough. It’s become more or less meaningless. We need to practice stewardship and respect for our mother earth all day every day. Thanks for the message.

  8. The earth is indeed giving us life. Without the earth we would not be here. It deserves gratitude, lots of gratitude and respect of what it is doing for us and how it has been created. Earth and nature are the purest teachers, are the healers, are US.
    Oh Z, this is the best day to celebrate, it is about our origin, about the pristine creation of our maker that we are slowly pulling apart. Yes, let it be a day that makes us return to goodness and respect for ALL. hugs Wilma

  9. I love this quote that pretty much echo’s my sentiments

    “Treat the Earth well: It was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”


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  12. i strongly agree, if pollution exceeded a certain amount everyone will regret it, especially those who didn’t take positive actions, thanks for reminding us Zennat:)

  13. Dear All,
    I am so happy you all share my vision…and are with me on this. I do hope we can all implement practically and truly make this earth what it should be, not what it has become cause of our ignorance. Everyday is earth day!
    I apologize for the delay in responding tot he comment on this post….I have been having severe internet issues. Today after nearly a week the connection seems fine….so here I am 🙂
    I hope you all had a wonderful week.
    Much Love and Warm Earth day hugs to all!

  14. Well Dearest Z, You know how I feel about our dear Earth. And had you never told me I would always know that it was such a part of who you are. You beautiful soul is so well rounded that way. You just have all your priorities straight, and just because you desire to do the “right” thing. No, it goes MUCH deeper than that for you. It’s simply who you ARE. Thank you for posting this. I truly resonate. All the way down the bottom of my soul, every fiber of my being.

    Much love to you my dear friend. I LOVED your note you sent on Facebook way back just read it again yesterday. Been up my eyes balls in work. But your note just brought tears to my eyes over your amazing thoughtfulness. You simply ARE love. I miss you, miss being here and interacting. I always feel SO loved in your presence. Deeply loved.

    Hugging you and sending love,

  15. Indeed for everyday is earth day, because we tread our paths here in the land and travel through it’s marvels. This is our home, and nature is our mother and our teacher and we are here to learn from her, and from our father the skies. Every moment is unique for it’s treasure, and to see life in everything is to breathe the universal wisdom we all share, for nature created us and we are living proof of earth today. 🙂
    Many blessings of light and love to you, for nature is sacred and we enroll in her for protection.

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