Newsletter Update:Stillness

“Within you there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.”~Hermann Hesse~

Still: (from Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary) adjective, devoid of or abstaining from motion, uttering no sound, quiet,  subdued, muted, calm, tranquil, free from noise or turbulence. noun – stillness
Stillness, a simple word, a simple concept. Or is it? Certainly sounds like it should be easy enough, just sit still, don’t move, and be quiet. But sometimes it is the hardest thing one can try and do. And maybe that is where the problem lies. For much like everything else in life, we have a hard time just letting things be, to sit still, to be quiet, to do . . . well, nothing. So often we feel that we have to, or should be doing something. So much so that even when it comes to being still, we feel that it is something that we have to make happen. So rather than just being still, it’s something we try and do.

This month the focus in the “Positive Provocations Newsletter” will be STILLNESS.

The newsletter will cover topics such as :

  • How to Find stillness?
  • How to meditate to tap into that stillness?
  • How to build clarity, focus & self awareness through stillness?
  • Quotes on Stillness.
  • Positive Stillness Affirmations.
  • Extracts from Spiritual Writers/Teachers books on stillness.
  • Plus 2 articles which I have written for 2 great Blogs/Websites this month.
  • Excerpts of the last 3 articles on this blog.

Alright, I know, it seems like a lot to cover in one newsletter. But, that’s what Positive Provocations is all about- Healing through Positive knowledge. The more you know about your SELF, the happier and more abundant your life will be. And this newsletter is just one step in that direction.

This FREE newsletter will be delivered right in your Email In-box on the 15th of May 2010, if you have already subscribed by Email.  If you haven’t done so already please subscribe before the 15th of this month(MAY), so that I can have you on the mailing list and be sure you received your Newsletter for this month and the future months.

I hope you will support me in spreading this positive knowledge by subscribing and sharing this with your friends and family.

Thank you all for the immense love and support you have shown ~Positive Provocations~. I truly appreciate it. I am very excited to introduce this new layer of Positivity to this blog.

With Immense Love and Gratitude,

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10 thoughts on “Newsletter Update:Stillness

  1. Hi Z, you indeed will cover a lot and that is expected of a generous soul. I have subscribed.
    I have to give myself permission to be still, knowing it is important otherwise I keep going as there is always so much to do AND of course being busy is a status symbol isn’t it? Saying “Oh I am so busy” means that you are adventurous in taking so much on. Ha, if you compare that with overeating, who would say overeating is good?
    Thanks Z for confirming it is okay to be still and not to overeat on busyness. xox Wilma

    1. HI Wilma,
      I know where youre coming from..cause seriously this society feeds of the illusion of busyness. I dont knw in which twisted universe did being busy mean you were successful..but thats exactly what it is now isnt it..
      I often tease an aunt of mine who has this habit of constantly saying she is busy…i mean all the time…i kid with her “aunty what are you so busy doing??Busy doing nothing I bet…cause thats what I am doing too 😉 ”
      Thank you for subscribing Wilma…your support means so much.
      Much love~

  2. Hi Zeenat .. I think your timing is perfect .. by May 15th life will be slightly easier and I can pay attention and grasp your thoughts on stillness and life .. I really look forward to it ..

    Thanks your blog is wonderful and I love the calmness you exude and love that you extend to us all ..

    Wonderful knowing you – Hilary

    1. HI Cor,
      Those visuals are all from the creative commons section of
      They have the most amazing pics which are free of copyright. Hence a better choice 🙂
      Glad youre on board the newsletter this month 🙂
      Much love,

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