About Positive Provocations:

This Blog This Space is For YOUR Help & Healing
I welcome YOU to your first step towards a Happy & Positive Life!

In my journey through life and all its adventures, I have learned two important facts and they are LOVING CARE & POSITIVITY.

I have realized that with loving care and just enough positivity in thoughts and actions everything can be achieved, not only personally but professionally as well.

Going each day one day at a time is the way i feel we should live. Think of the present time as a true PRESENT. And enjoy life to its fullest potential possible, while on the way learning to  be a better human{e} being and growing spiritually as well.

I want this blog to be a safe haven for you to come and explore your thoughts, your feelings, your growth, your life. A place where you feel safe to share, to care and to tap into those parts of yourself you didn’t even know you could experience.

In my strive to make this blog better for you the readers, I keep adding to the content, to the topics as I see fit. But, you as the reader have all the power. I want you to let me know what you want to see more often here on Positive Provocations. Feel free to make suggestions for topics I can write about, for questions you need answers for.

Together we can make such beautiful positive additions to our lives.

About The Author:

78622324_10157892874856810_6867422032200466432_oWelcome to my little piece of Heaven. My name is Zeenat Merchant-Syal and I reside in India. I am a wife to my best friend and mother to my 16 year old angel. An only daughter to my Parents and a very loving and sometimes over protective elder sister to my little brothers.


I am the founder and writer of  this blog ~Positive Provocations~.

A Practicing Counseling Psychologist/ Spiritual Counselor/Motivational Speaker/Naturopath/Holistic Healer/Writer by profession (practicing for 20+ years) and Spiritual Traveler/Writer/Holistic Healer/Empath/Butterfly Lover/Chocolate Freak/Eternal Optimist/Happiness Agent/Nomadic Traveler by passion.

I hold degrees in Counseling and Motivational Psychology, Holistic and Naturopathic medicine, including a Doctorate in Spiritual Counseling.(details on linkedin)

Am also an eternal student and researcher of the school of life and all its realities. A constant learner in the fields of Metaphysics and New age Thinking.  My learning never stops. Each moment is a new revelation, a new experience, a new reality which brings me closer to my true and most conscious self.

My aim in life is “To ease human suffering through love & Positivity. I want to be remembered as a person who shed light & made a positive impact on the lives of others.

In my experience spanning 20+ years, I have conducted many motivational seminars for organized groups and multinational companies. Have treated many physical and mental diseases successfully without the use of any allopathic medication. Some of the modes of treatment that I use are:

Psychotherapy, Positive Thinking, Stress Management, Marriage/Couples Counselling, One on One Counselling, Life Coaching, Spiritual Counseling, Spiritual/Soul Cleansing and healing, Angel Therapy, Sujok, Acupressure, Pranic Healing, Juice and Food Therapy, Herbal Cure, Prayer Healing, Distance Healing etc..

If you would like to know how you can avail of Online Counseling for yourself or your loved one please see the details here- Online counseling

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me and my humble mission. I hope you will join me and stay happily positive.

You can connect with me on:
Email- zeenatsyal@live.com, zeenat.syal@gmail.com, Facebook, Twitter

With Immense Love and Gratitude,

To stay updated on the latest posts/articles that are published here please subscribe by email or RSS. Dont forget to Join the “Positive Provocations” Facebook Community Page for a lot more Positively Positive Provocations Everyday.

91 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you for today’s comment on napple notes. I came to see if you had an email button, like the one on my profile page, but your pages look so different from Blogger, that I’m lost!
    Still, a comment box lets me say Hi!, at least. 🙂

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  5. wow. i am so happy to have just come across your blog…i am really hoping to become some kind of spiritual counselor and could REALLY use someone who can relate to talk with! I will be emailing you soon! Peace

  6. This is not my first visit to your blog… but i dont know why did I miss this section before… u do have a very nice blog… and congrats on being the top ranked blogger in Hyderabad(or is it India?) on indiblogger… 🙂


    Blog link: Sensible Bakwas

  7. Hi – I would like to say thank you for an interesting site about a subject I have had an interest in for a long time now. I have been lurking and reading the comments avidly so just wanted to express my thanks for providing me with some very good reading material. I look forward to more, and taking a more proactive part in the discussions here, whilst picking up some knowledge too!!

    1. Hi Charles,
      Yes i do accept guest posts. Just email me a few topics you are passionate about…and we can take it from there.
      In the meanwhile i will come over to your blog and check you out too 🙂
      Kind regards,

  8. Hi Zeenath,

    I have mailed you to your mail address given above
    if possible kindly reply.
    Can you be a friend to me

    I just asked Zeenath ji

    Thanks & Regards

  9. Hi Zeenat,

    I see you have a great blog out there. And now I find that you are a member of the newly formed Gyan’s 30’s.

    Hope to interact more often. You can check out my blog too. Not as smashing as yours…


  10. Snowman


    This is an Excellent blog! Its amazing to see some one as a wife to her “Best Friend” 🙂

    This is really an excellent blog. I am touched with the power of mind, prayers and soul. Its just like, the sun is so far away, yet we feel its heat & warmth, and the soft light falling upon us. Who says, the sun is far away, the moment your eyes link to the sunlight, it gives you the power to see and feel. It felt like a connection of positive energy as photons of love reaching you with the healing power and protection.

    I believe, souls like that of Zeenat’s have a destiny. A destiny designed and gifted by the creator only to a handful. May God bless her with great indefinite bounties of health, happiness, and success always.

    “Simple is always the best, but the best may not always be simple”.

  11. joer223

    As Salaam…You’re indeed a great inspiration, thank you for your work and writings. May Allah(SWT) continue to bless you and your family in all endeavors.

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  13. Aisha

    hi your blog is so awesome.. ! The blog’s background is so neat and unique to me! Keep going and will see your blog more later on ! 🙂

  14. syed

    Asalamalakum Zeenat,

    Alhamdulillah vgood blog .

    May Allah(SWT) continue to bless you and your family.

    syed imran hussain

  15. Zeenat, you are such a beautiful soul. Thank you for your contributions to the world. You will indeed be remembered as a bearer of the light.
    I’m new to your blog, and look forward to looking through all the past entries. Have a blessed day!
    ❤ Lauren

  16. Jackie

    One of my favourite sayings is,.
    SUCCESS depends upon the terms in which it is measured,.
    another is If you dont try U cant fail,..
    For me happiness is many things,. from good freinds to all mother nature reveals to us,..
    To enjoy every moment,.. and be thankfull and honour it,s preciousness,..
    Knowing I AM NOT ALONE,.. that there is a certain union,.. that miraculously one CAN FEEL,.. across the universe,.. like meeting someone such as yourself,.. as distant as we are,. and yet we can share,. a universal oneness,…I remind myself of this whenever I feel sad,.. and acknowledge that I am truly blessed,..

  17. Zeenat,

    I believe that Presence led me to your site today and I am so blessed! About two months ago I embarked on a big shift in my spirituality to that of non-duality, learning to live in the Now, and of becoming a “watcher” of my mind. This transformation is not without some struggles and challenges as I am becoming “undone”.

    At times have felt lonely in this process as I don’t have anyone in my family or friends that I can discuss this with or learn from in this area. So far I have only had time to read a few portions of your site, but I can tell already that the thoughts you share will be a big help to me on my journey. I’ve subscribed to your newsletter and look forward to reading more of your posts. Thank you for sharing your life lessons and for being a “soul sister”.


    1. Hi TIna,
      Ohh…how sweet of you! SO loved your energy and comment here.
      I look forward to getting to know you too…and thank you for subscribing.
      I love Soul Sisters…they help you grow…
      Lots of love to you….

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  19. Hello Zeenat,

    Happy to find your blog. I have reached here through Avani Mehta’s blog and I am glad that I read your comment there and clicked to visit your blog.

    I am yet to explore your articles, but let me tell you that your pages seem to resonate well with me and I appreciate the work you are putting in here.

    Keep going.
    God bless you.

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  21. Nusanto

    thanks a lot, many inspiration we have got
    let’s change our life better and better day by day

  22. Hi Zeenat,

    Awesome blog, Clean layout, beautiful inspiring pics & powerful content to make anyone feel comfortable & sticky to read more.

    Congrats & wish you the best,

    amazing blog & thanks for sharing such gr8 content.

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  25. Hi, Zeenath…. glad to see a young Muslimah blogging on something very beneficial ^_^
    I will be dropping in your blog to get your newer updated posts 🙂
    salam from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia…

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  27. Shamsundar Saraswat

    Dear Zeenat,
    Today I was searching on GOOGLE and I found you .In fact I was searchin g for long the real source of happiness tha can console my heart and cool down my head.It was a long journey for me but I sustained. It was only because of my GURU/ SADGURU that I survived.
    I liked your blog/site or whatever name you call by.I raelly liked it and shall like to get attached to it.I would also like to share my experiences, feelings sometime after.But I think there should be someone like you who can come as handy for someone who is in disress and in deep trouble.I thank the GOD really for this service to the humanity, mankind.
    Long live ZEENAT.GOD bless you.

    1. i came here from the connection of Shiazone… then from one of elder siter.. Sabira M. Hussain..
      i was visiting her comments.. there i got you comment and i visited you page… then i visited this..
      brilliant piece of Work you are doing at the moment..

      May Shah-e-Najaf [ Imam Ali a.s ] bless you with more & more wisdom & powerful knowledge directly form the city of Najaf…. in this regards

      Kind regards..

  28. abc

    Hello, Zeenat, I have just found your blog. It’s beautiful. Thank you for sharing your deep insights. I love how you describe yourself, especially being a wife to my best friend. Just beautiful. Thank you for sharing and greetings.

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  30. aneesh

    Hai…Sister i Love you…i was in worries.. even i had a good loving family…i lived my life with frustrations of bad health,i girl i love dint loved me back…etc…my parents was so strict too n less friends week body due to allergies ,ill it all make me an introvert..what made me live was some positive books…it helped me to succeed up to a small extent now i am lecturer…i choose this job because i wnat to help all guys to become positive….i think ur blog also will help me a lottt…
    thank u sister.

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  33. Sarah

    Greetings Zeenat.

    I recently discovered your website this morning by accident. I read your post entitled “Strength, Courage and Wisdom” and felt spiritually refreshed amist the negativity that surrounds me at the present moment. I shall take your advice to heart as I carry out my day today. And I hope to see more from you in the future. Thank you.

    Sincerely yours,

    1. Sweet


      Aapa I need your help I am too much depresed and streesed. I dount know how to come out of it. I want to be happy and positive, but situation around me and people aroung me are too negative I cant even leave them. please help me.

  34. Githa

    Hi zeenat,

    I accidentally came across this site… you know the very thought that, can someone think of helping … people this way? was really ….. giving a thought to my mind. I really appreciate your blog…. indeed you seem very happy in your pic. Good going zeenat.
    In todays social networking blogs, this kind of blog will help people save their time and have a meaning to read something useful, instead surfing for whose who? in facebook.

    Great Job!

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  36. khawar

    I am glad to see your nice blog.Its a great effort by you for young generation to change their thoughts. May Allah succeed you in your aim.

  37. Sulata

    Hi mam,

    I am so happy to have just come across your blog & i am really looking forward to become a counselor like you,it was really my fortunate that i met u & attended ur few saminars with u.Missing u & hope to see you again.


  38. Soldier of Fortunes

    I came across your blog…after reading some…my eyes started to leak…no one can do that to me so you must have a presence of God about you…as for me being a woman…I have been called a marine…got sandpaper? lol…peace…

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  40. Hi Zeenat,
    I am Sareena from God’s Own Country, Kerala. I accidently stumbled upon your blog by clicking a guest post shared by Hiten Vyas in Facebook.

    Myself and my husband also runs a blog to help people to lead a happy lige, namely, http://www.inspiringcitizen.com.

    What I noticed in both of us is the intention to blog. Inspiring Citizen was born once we discovered our purpose of life is to help people to thoink positive and inspire them to live a stress free and happy life. I feel you are also serving the same purpose, if I am not mistaken:)

    Your are doing a great work Zeenat and Kudos for the blog posts dear:).
    Do visit our blog and give us your valuable feedback.

    BTW I liked the guest post by Kaylee Rupp. it is necessary that we take care of ourselve and do what we love at times.

    Thank you Zeenat for sharing yoour experience through your wonderful blog

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  42. Zeenat yours was the first blog on that ‘tum kaun ho’ doc and what a lovely place to start my reading .. such a wonderful place.. totally loved it here so far… that you for creating this place.. it is surely a haven for people looking for hope … God bless you dear ♥

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  45. Hi Zeenat, you have a lovely blog — it glows with joy! This year I’m challenging myself to discover and comment on a positive blog every day, keeping a list of my virtual travels on my own site, and I’m glad I found my way here today. Keep up the good work!

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  47. Nilima

    Hi zeenat, once I was searching something positive on google. Immediately I get positive provocations pdf. Since that day. I’m a very big fan of you and your thoughts. I really feeling very positive and happy.. And try make every day happy. Actually I want to share my personal with you. I will mail you. Thank you, Thanks a lot. I really love that pdf and you also. Please give me some suggestions of happy life. I’m waiting for your reply. Love, Nilima

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  49. Great meeting up and being at your site, Zeenat. Your work is interesting and I look forward to exchanging notes on issues of topical concern…best wishes…Raj.

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  54. Hi Zeenat, I love your blog and website. I came across your site while I was searching for some positive images of women. I think it would be great to see more diversity in the types of pictures we see of women on everyones blogs -have you noticed that most of them are anglo-typical. Carolynne

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  58. Fairy Queen

    Hello Zenaat, I’m from Italy, I’m an artist. Your blog is very interesting. Peace and Loveto you 🌺🌸🌹🌼🌻💐

  59. Fairy Queen

    Hello Zenaat, I’m from Italy, I’m an artist. Your blog is very interesting. Peace and Love to you 🌺🌸🌹🌼🌻💐

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