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Essential Positive, Motivational, Inspirational and Loving articles for Happier living

by ~Zeenat Merchant Syal~

This e-book is a labor of love. It has some of the best articles on Positive thinking to heal the Mind, Body, Heart &Soul; that have been written by me for this blog and for many other blogs.

About 50 Articles and 100 pages of pure inspiration!
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“Zeenat is a person of powerful goodness. The core of her book is her belief in the individual’s power to change their own lives and the lives of others. She leads the reader on a great adventure that can only happen when you say yes to making, love, passion and spiritual growth the focus of your life. The unstoppable force of her good work touches the soul on many levels. To me Zeenat is nothing short of amazing. Her work is profound without being heavy and is destined to touch the lives of millions.”
Tess from www.TheBoldLife.com~

“It was a pleasant surprise to open Zeenat’s e-book and be drawn in to such amazing material and such a beautiful layout. Zeenat’s gift for writing and passion for helping others, as well as to truly make a difference in the world shines brightly in this work. The material Zeenat presents is so relevant and such an inspiration, and pleasure to read. Highly useful content like how to know if it is love or lust, or ways to live a happy and healthy life are valuable additions for anyone.”
~ Evita Ochel EvolvingBeings.com

“Reading the “Best of Positive Provocations” eBook is like having a pocket guide for how to live your very best life. Zeenat touches on a range of powerful topics, from dealing with painful breakups, to overcoming fear, to pursuing one’s passions, and so far beyond. She does all of it with tremendous wisdom, warmth, and compassion. Zeenat is a very old soul who really understands human suffering, and has dedicated her life to helping others end theirs. This eBook is a wonderful testament to that. I will happily recommend this to everyone I know who seeks to live a more joyful, balanced and healthy life.”
~ Megan Bord, It’s All About Joy


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17 thoughts on “EBook!

    1. Hi Rex,
      Am happy that this ebook will help. My goal is to help people become happier and more positive in their lives. This book is just my small gesture in that direction.
      Enjoy the book 🙂

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  2. hi zeenat,
    how are you?
    hope you’ve had a lovely day so far.
    i’ve just downloaded my copy, I will be reading it and providing you with my feedback.
    take care of yourself and have a lovely day.

  3. mitchie

    dear zeenat
    thank you for sharing us your wonderful insights.Your ebook is very inspiring and it touched my soul.
    Have a happy and peaceful day always.

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  6. Linda Clesson

    I am having trouble downloading my free e book evertime I click on a link to download it wants to be join and I will be sent a confirmation Please help thanks Linda C.

    1. HI LInda,
      Once you enter your email address in the box , You need to confirm your subscription by opening your email account and clicking the link I sent. Doing that will activate your subscription..and I will send you the newsletter & ebook within the day. Hope this helps. Email me if you need any more assistance 🙂
      Much Love~

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