How Bold and Brave People Handle the Fear of Success

How Bold and Brave People Handle the Fear of SuccessToday I have the immense pleasure of introducing you to a brave and fearless soul aka “Tess Marshall”…who has made it her mission to help people release their fears and embrace success. Read on to know how you too can become bold, brave and oh so successful! Enjoy darlings! 🙂

Self-sabotage is an inner conflict that goes on between your yearning to make your dream a reality and the feeling that you shouldn’t or can’t do it.

When you consistently get in your own way, on an unconscious level, you are afraid of the negative side of success and what it could mean for you.

Beyond the goodies such as, increased income and travel, it may be helpful to ask, “How might my life change if I were to succeed?” Continue reading “How Bold and Brave People Handle the Fear of Success”

30 Days of Bold ~ The Fearless Course by Tess Marshall

Tess MarshallToday, I have the immense joy of introducing all of you to my dear and fearless friend Tess Marshall and her NEW Fearless Course – 30 Days of Bold. Read on and be inspired!

For our readers, who don’t know you, please introduce yourself.

I currently work as a writer, speaker, and courage coach. I have a master’s degree in counseling psychology and had a private practice in Michigan for 10 years. I love to guide and  inspire people to overcome their fears and live-out-loud.  I write at The Bold Life, for an amazing and growing community, that I love dearly.  My work has allowed me to reach people all over the world. Continue reading “30 Days of Bold ~ The Fearless Course by Tess Marshall”