How Bold and Brave People Handle the Fear of Success

How Bold and Brave People Handle the Fear of SuccessToday I have the immense pleasure of introducing you to a brave and fearless soul aka “Tess Marshall”…who has made it her mission to help people release their fears and embrace success. Read on to know how you too can become bold, brave and oh so successful! Enjoy darlings! 🙂

Self-sabotage is an inner conflict that goes on between your yearning to make your dream a reality and the feeling that you shouldn’t or can’t do it.

When you consistently get in your own way, on an unconscious level, you are afraid of the negative side of success and what it could mean for you.

Beyond the goodies such as, increased income and travel, it may be helpful to ask, “How might my life change if I were to succeed?”

Some possible answers:

You will have to leave certain family member or friends behind.
People will be jealous of you.
Coworkers will expect more from you.

You responsibilities will increase.

You’ll have to work more.

Your boss will be more demanding.

You will be treated differently by others.

Signs that you fear success:

You feel that you’re unworthy or not deserving of receiving your good and reaching your dreams. You simply choose to stay where you are because you don’t feel good enough.

You don’t take daily consistent action due to your lack of inspiration and motivation. You waste time doing unnecessary tasks and fear doing the most important ones.

Your irrational beliefs, choices and decisions keep you stuck and hold you back.

You feel guilty about having more than others. You believe that someone else has to lose in order for you to gain.

You get in your own way. On the edge of success, you self-sabotage with destructive behavior. For example, you may have an affair, embezzle money or have an addiction spiraling out of control.

You are unable to make well thought out decisions. You act impulsively or don’t listen to your intuition. You’re unable to get out of your own way.

You don’t want to work the long hours that success requires. You’re comfortable where you are today. You don’t want to rock the boat; instead you play it safe.

You don’t want the responsibility and accountability that comes with success.

How to overcome the fear of success:

*Write down the negative consequences of success. Answer the question, “How might my life change if I succeed?” Write out a plan of action for handling the changes.

*Be positive. Train yourself to think and act positive. Stay away from people who don’t support you or your dream. Choose a positive attitude. Choose daily gratitude over doubt.

When you believe in yourself; others will too.

*Write down everything that frightens you about success. Write down a solution down for each fear. For example, “I fear that I’m not good enough to do proper marketing because I don’t understand technology.” Your solution: I could get an intern or hire someone to help me.

*Learn. Study what you don’t know. Educate yourself. It’s like turning the light on in the dark. Study famous and successful people. Don’t waste time with gaming, television and other addictions. Choose to dedicate yourself to what you need to learn and do.

*Enjoy each day. Success is a journey not a destination. Focus on what you do have. Spend time with the people you love. Work hard and keep working towards your goal. Love the process.

*Don’t stop. Commit to forever. The best time to be alive is now. There are limitless ideas, dreams, inventions and opportunities. If something doesn’t work. Try something else. Be all in.

*Stop the excuses. Stop telling yourself: Why you can’t. Why you can’t get started, why you can’t learn something new. Stop the excuses of why you can’t try again, why you can’t make it. Don’t allow your excuses to keep you from going out on a limb and live your life vision. Stop believing that others are smarter, richer or better than you are.

You have been given unique gifts, abilities, experience and knowledge. Other people need what you have to offer. People are waiting to hear from you. Get out there. Do your own thing. Create your own success. Live your dream. Begin today feeling a sense of freedom and enthusiasm for the great things that are coming your way!

If you need support and guidance to follow your dream or live your best life, check out my course, “30 Days of Bold” You learn how to make the impossible possible. You’ll go on to do great things.

Tess MarshallAbout the Author of this post:

Tess Marshall is the founder of The Bold Life, where she blogs and inspires people to do great things. Enrollment is now open for 30 Days of Bold!!

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Tess, Thank you for sharing your wisdom here. I know the readers here will truly benefit from your words and your course. To Success!


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  1. Swat

    Im so glad i could read this.,.i keep putting off everything that makes me happy coz i get scared of getting disappointed…or me not being good enough to handle it
    For example i wanted to join a music class…but at the last second put it off coz i was scared that my throat may not be able to take the strain

  2. It’s funny how the law of attraction appears JUST when you need it! Prior to reading this blog, i was surfing the web for some inspiration on how to move out of this up and down spiral i have been going through. I just wanted it to END! Of course finding a solution to this problem was key! I love this blog. I feel a sense of intense desire to action what i’ve been sitting on for so long and just face my fears!!!! Receiving…..O.M.G. It’s always troubled me to think that others had it in them and not me, now i know what my problem is and it makes sooooooo much sense. Thank you and god bless you xxxxx

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