51 Famous SUCCESS Quotes to Positively Inspire You

50 Famous SUCCESS Quotes to Positively Inspire You“Greatness IS for ALL of US. We just need to keep Believing in ourselves and follow our dreams.”

I believe we are all meant for great success. I also believe that success is not really black and white, but all shades of colors. Each of us define success in our own way. To some success is the possession of materials large and small, while to some others success is an inner growth of being.

True to this months theme SUCCESS on Positive Provocations, I present to you some on my favorite SUCCESS Quotes below. Why? Well because, quotes from eminent personalities all throughout history inspire me everyday. I am what they call a ‘quote junkie’ and my secret desire to make you one too, so that I have company 😉 Continue reading “51 Famous SUCCESS Quotes to Positively Inspire You”