Thriving Lives: eCourse and FREE Offer from Martine Joseph

Thriving Lives Ecourse by MartineLives can get complicated and entwined in so much, that we sometimes forget what makes us Thrive. We all want change but don’t know how to make that positive change.

My friend and loving soul Martine Joseph has created an Ecourse especially for YOU, where she shares her wisdom on truly Thriving in your life. As a person who recovered from depression and came out Thriving on the other side…she has immense knowledge and experience to help you.

Below is a small but powerful interview with Martine Joseph about her Healing Ecourse. There is a special surprise at the end for all the readers of Positive Provocations too! Check it out 🙂 Continue reading “Thriving Lives: eCourse and FREE Offer from Martine Joseph”

Come back to Life with Jodi Chapman

Today I have the pleasure of sharing with all you darlings, an amazing ecourse! My dear friend Jodi Chapman(Soul Speak) has created this soulful course. Read on for more info about this soulful course. 

Tired of Feeling Numb and Disconnected? Ready to Wake Up and Start Living Fully?

If you’re ready to come back to life, this wonderful ecourse will help guide you back to your soul and help you reconnect with how it feels to be truly alive! Continue reading “Come back to Life with Jodi Chapman”