Thriving Lives: eCourse and FREE Offer from Martine Joseph

Thriving Lives Ecourse by MartineLives can get complicated and entwined in so much, that we sometimes forget what makes us Thrive. We all want change but don’t know how to make that positive change.

My friend and loving soul Martine Joseph has created an Ecourse especially for YOU, where she shares her wisdom on truly Thriving in your life. As a person who recovered from depression and came out Thriving on the other side…she has immense knowledge and experience to help you.

Below is a small but powerful interview with Martine Joseph about her Healing Ecourse. There is a special surprise at the end for all the readers of Positive Provocations too! Check it out 🙂

Q)Martine, please tell us about your new eCourse Thriving Lives. How we can change our lives for the better?

A)We CAN change our story by loving ourselves more deeply, and letting go of the past. I share a simple, 3 step process to change your life and thrive.

We can ask the Universe to help us let go and forgive ourselves and others. We are not alone! The Universe is eager, ready and willing to help us.

Thriving Lives brings together the miracle I experienced when my depression disappeared exactly one year ago, and everything I’ve learned since then. Thriving Lives offers a powerful, new foundation to change our story and thrive.

Q)How did you discover how to thrive?

A)It began when my long-term depression disappeared in 2013. This was totally unexpected! I had changed my thinking, and left a business career where I felt unhappy and unfulfilled. I had begun to do what I love: writing and speaking!

In order to remain happy and thrive each day, I continue to practice letting go and forgiveness every day.

Today, I feel good about myself and others. I find some good in everything, even painful experiences. I don’t take anything personally any more. I learn from everything and move forward quickly.

Q)Who would benefit most from theThriving Lives eCourse?

A)Thriving Lives is for you if:

  • You are struggling in life and in business.

  • You’re doing what you love, or want to begin, and need encouragement and practical tips.

  • You’ve “tried it all” and still feel stuck, discouraged and depressed.

  • You’re ready and willing to let go and commit to yourself 100%.

Thriving Lives won’t help if you don’t want to change, or you’re not willing to let go and forgive certain people or events.

You’ll find beautiful, unexpected blessings appearing in your life when you begin to change your thinking in this way.

Are you ready to change your life?

MartineAbout Martine Joseph:

Martine’s depression disappeared in 2013. She is an inspirational blogger and teacher who helps you reconnect with love, healing and abundance.

Please visit Thriving Lives to find out about the eCourse, videos and playbook that guide you to break through and thrive!

Generous Martine is offering three free scholarships to Positive Provocations readers(YAY!) for the Thriving Lives eCourse, Videos and Playbook! Just email and mention “Zeenat” in the subject line. The first three responses will win!

Thank you for creating this Healing Ecourse Martine and for your generous offer to the readers. I’m sure they will take full advantage of your wisdom.

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With Immense Love & Gratitude,

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One thought on “Thriving Lives: eCourse and FREE Offer from Martine Joseph

  1. Hi Martine,

    I am so happy for you that you were able to kick off this devil of depression and have become a healer. I have seen people struggle with depression for too long, refusing to accept the fact and see a professional and feeling lost. While medicines and counselling helps but the real healing is only possible when you share and accept what is ailing your heart and mind. One has to resolve to come out of all those oppressive situations, abandon such persons who give depressing vibes and forgive and forget.

    I am glad to hear that you are offering an e-course. I hope many people will benefit from this offer. I wish you all the best.
    Thank you Zeenat, for your valuable assistance in spreading this message to all those who are struggling to get a helping hand.

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