The Healing Power of Forgiveness & Release

The Healing Power of Forgiveness & Release“You are not guilty of any sin, my brother. But you believe that you are. And while you believe this, you will need forgiveness. It is the only way out of your self-imposed illusion.” ~ Paul Ferrini

I often get asked, “But how can I forgive, when it hurts so much?”

At some point in time, most of us have been in this position. We recognize some pattern or behaviour in ourselves or others, that we would like to change, but often feel powerless to do so. Everything we try seems to lead nowhere.

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KNOW Your True Self Series-“Healing Past Memories”{2}

Last week when we started talking about Knowing our true self, we touched upon the first step to this knowing and that was –Being a Dreamer! If you haven’t read that article{the first part of this series} I suggest you read it too, so that you can truly and very simply start the process of Knowing your true  calling. Once we have realized our dreams and have started working on them consciously, automatically they tend to replace all the negatives in our lives with hope and positivity. A certain passion within us will come forth at the realization of our true dream.

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