How to Stop Regretting the Past and Live Fully Right Now

How to Stop Regretting the Past and Live Fully Right NowWhen we reach our 30s and 40s, many of us begin to have a lot of regrets about the past. We see the glossy goals we didn’t achieve, we notice the things we once wanted to do but we didn’t, and we start feeling bad.

When regret sets in, it’s bad for you twofold: not only because it’s a nasty emotion to have, but also because very often it prevents you from living in the moment and doing something positive with your current life.

It seems that you’ve wasted so much time that there is little point in trying to do something with your life right now. Your mind just keeps dwelling on what could have been, but isn’t. And this is how disappointment about the past makes you sacrifice the present and the future as well. Continue reading “How to Stop Regretting the Past and Live Fully Right Now”

The Blissful State of what “just is”

How do we go beyond all the negatives that afflict us to experience the childlike blissful state of what “Just is”?

Thinking about that question I experienced the total absurdity of trying to push away what was before us; of ignoring the obvious present. And how much we hurt ourselves when we pit our stubborn heads against its wall. Continue reading “The Blissful State of what “just is””