The Blissful State of what “just is”

How do we go beyond all the negatives that afflict us to experience the childlike blissful state of what “Just is”?

Thinking about that question I experienced the total absurdity of trying to push away what was before us; of ignoring the obvious present. And how much we hurt ourselves when we pit our stubborn heads against its wall.

For a few days I experienced the state of being in flow with life, of surrendering to its every whim and command, of joyous and willing compliance with the will of The Divine. For a while out there I even thought I had become enlightened! I snapped out of that particular illusion quickly enough, but every now and then out pops the question, what is it like to be in the state of what- just is? How can we go beyond the judgments and resistances, the doubts and fears, the anger and sorrow that strew our path like so much rubble and make the walk of life such a labored, difficult process? How can we simply let go and fly with the moment as swiftly and lightly as a bird?

One of the key requirements to access what “just is”, I believe, is to be able to go beyond all emotions. It is our emotions that trap us in the cocoon of resistance, of interpretations, of reaction and judgments.

Eg. 1- When a friend fails to return our call and immediately the interpretation machinery swings into action. Does this mean he is offended with us? Did we do anything to displease him? Then comes the anger venting… How dare he? Reaction follows: either an angry silence, coldness or hot intemperate words.

Eg. 2-The bus comes later than its usual time and again, interpretation kicks in. I’m going to be late. The boss will yell. How tiresome to have to work. Why couldn’t I have been rich? And so on…which is actually a lot of blah blah and blah!

Eg. 3-We appear for an important interview and fail the test. Interpretation is huge and devastating. I’m a total failure. I’ll never amount to anything. I’m so stupid. I hate myself….again blah blah and blah!

Everything- every provocation, every event, every thought, triggers off an emotional charge, because we are a complex network of emotional and psychological needs. We want approval, acceptance, peace, happiness, ease. Each time anything goes against our wishes and wants, we cannot help but protest. It seems so unfair that parents should be unreasonable or that people we like should not like us. So mired are we in our needs, wants and self-centered expectations that we fail to see the obvious. Life is not wired to go along our wishes. We are wired to go along its! Its called going with the flow or being in the blissful state of what ‘just is’.

What kind of a world would we live in if we could relate to life without an emotional charge? As far as I can see, it would be a clean, spacious, sunlit world, utterly simple, utterly essential. All stories, interpretations, judgments and resistances would cease, because things are simply the way they are. They are neither good nor bad. They simply are.

Eg. 1-A dog biting me is simply a dog biting me. Without emotions and thoughts to jerk us around and inject complexities into the issue, we quietly take our shots and go on our way, peaceful even in the midst of pain.

Eg. 2-Working till 2 a.m. is simply that. It does not mean that we will be tired the next day or that we are overworked or that we need a raise or that we are hardworking.

Eg. 3-Walking amidst the broad expanse of humanity we no longer busily divide and classify them according to their appearance, gender, the clothes they wear and the language they speak. We cease to lean towards some and recoil from others. We embrace each individual as a totally unique manifestation of the Creator, whole and perfect just as they are, needing nothing at all to embellish them further.

Eg. 4-A rich and moist chocolate cake is simply that. It is not an invitation to plunder and consume.

Eg. 5-All the misery and poverty that you see around you is just that. It is no longer capable of sending you into a vortex of anguish, guilt, rage or resistance.

Free of reactions we can get down peacefully to see what we can do about it. If there is nothing, we move on; if there is something, we do it. But we do not work ourselves into a lather of self-righteous indignation or smugness.

Becoming CEO at 30 or whatever fantasy you may nurse is simply that. It does not make you the master of the universe or entitle you to walk six inches above the ground.

Imagine the beauty of this state of what “just is”. No pain because things simply are. Being rejected in love is simply that. It does not make us not-good-enough or unworthy. An illness is just that. It is not a visitation of evil or a punishment. Carried to its logical extreme it means that we can look at even the most extreme situation like torture or death without flinching or converting the physical discomfort into psychological pain. We experience the moment to the fullest, both its pleasure and its pain, and then we drop it for keeps.

In the state of what “just is”, the past and the future simply do not exist, they are completely consumed by the present. Yes, we will access the future sufficiently for the purpose of planning and envisioning, but our feet will always be firmly in the present, disinclined to fast forward either into worry or fantasy mode. Nor will we be tempted to visit the past to rewrite or resist it. What has happened has happened and through the focus of what “just is”, we direct all our energies like a powerful laser beam upon the single task of doing what we can about it.

Focusing on what “just is” helps us to see clearly and discriminate between what we can do and what we cannot. We can do nothing about changing other people – the way they behave, their opinion, dispositions and how they feel about us. We can change ourselves. We can do nothing about the past and the future. We can do something with the present.

In the state of what “just is”, we earn the gifts of acceptance, clarity and peace. What bliss!

What are YOUR thoughts on this article?
Have you experienced this blissful state of what “just is”? Have you ever been able to remove the emotional charge from the most dramatic situations? What does a blissful state of what “just is” mean to you? Share your thoughts in the comments below & if you liked this article please do share it on your favorite social networks. Thank you!

With Immense Love & Gratitude,
Counseling Psychologist/Spiritual Counselor
Motivational Speaker/Naturopath

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17 thoughts on “The Blissful State of what “just is”

  1. Zeenat, this is a very helpful article. I’ve been reading some positive psychology research regarding savoring as a way to increase personal well-being, and savoring seems to be a subset of this general engagement and mindfulness that you are speaking of. I was out with my family yesterday, and I worked at being fully present. It definitely made for a more positive experience.

    1. HI Steve,
      Its so nice to know and experience that something as simple as being out with family can be a truly positive and happy experience when we are totally in this moment.. and embracing what “just is”.
      Thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts here…and for being a fellow researcher in all things psychology πŸ™‚
      Much love~

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  3. we (as a person) are almost always somehow in resistance with “what is” – that resistance builds our ‘ego’ and also past and future. as soon as our stories of “what should be” arise, the “what is” is just this: stories. when the person drops out, this comes to an end.

    1. HI Stefan,
      I agree completely! The ego somehow gets all the ‘what ifs’ and ‘what should bes’…That nasty ego.
      Our resistance to it all is what makes life tedious…while in accepting it all as is, we pave the way for so much happiness.
      Thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts here.
      Much love~

  4. Zeenat, thank you for the inspiring post.

    In my case the two biggest stumbling blocks towards “just is” are expectations of how things should be, and a pervasive “feeling of lack”. But I am getting beyond those, I hope…

    Great read,


    1. HI Jonas,
      We each have our own stumbling blocks we need to push over to get to where its peaceful. Expectations are one of those major blocks for most people. Living without expectations, makes for immensely free living…one that can make you fly to new heights.
      I hope you go beyond you stumbling blocks soon…and if you need someone to talk to..just email me. I’m here.
      Much Love~

  5. Zeenat,

    Your lovely post on accepting what “just is” sounds to me exactly what mindfulness is all about – or what it tries to help us achieve –
    1) the idea of becoming focused and more aware of the present
    2) nonjudgmental (not thinking bad or good thoughts – just accepting things as they are)
    3) observing

    Combining all three elements along with breathing/relaxation exercises is supposed to help one achieve this… I’m working on it πŸ™‚

    I look forward to even only partially achieving it!


    1. Hi Dorlee darling!
      You have concocted the perfect recipe for mindfulness already…and you will be awesome at it for sure πŸ™‚
      Just remember to breathe…and all else will just fall into place πŸ™‚
      Thank you fro your beautiful comment here sweetie.
      Much Love~

  6. I dearly love the way your curiosity and explorations are free of traditional boundaries. This article examines ideas that are quite Buddhist historically, but of course all philosophical streams meet in the great river of childhood. We begin lighter and only gain weight and anchorage (both physically and mentally) as we age. I believe it is the practice of grace and balance that allows us to defy all kinds of gravity. There will still be boundaries, because we are toodling about inside these flesh-cars for awhile, but not as many as our fears would suggest. Maintenance becomes an issue eventually. I could get with every one of your examples except the working until 2AM one. I could indeed do that for many years, but at my age if I choose to do that now I shall be paying for it by a dip in my ability to focus the next day. I still do it sometimes. Just not the day before a busy clinic schedule.

    I loved all your allusions about trying to be present, fluid and allowing perception without attachment and coloration to pass in and out of consciousness. That’s real Zen. I am just finishing our taxes, and with moving, changing jobs, and changing houses (along with my wife entering retirement) it has been VERY complicated. I need every reminder toward focus without attachment I can get! Thank you, Z.

    1. Mikey Mikey Mikey…you blow me away with your superbly awesome comments always! I can just sit and read this comment over and over and take away something new from it everytime. Thank you!!!!
      The 2a.m. eg is so me actually….I used to wonder and worry…but now with the acceptance of what”just is” I really just go with my heart….be it 2a.m. or 3a.m. πŸ™‚ Let thy heart lead….tiredness will be far far away..whatever thy age mr. SuperHero πŸ™‚
      taxes means number ….eeewww..I have never really had a very good relationship with those little numbers..thank god for mobile phones and their calculators…or I would still be counting on my fingers πŸ˜‰
      Thank you for sharing your beautiful beautiful soul here Mikey….
      So much love~

  7. Excellent and practical Zeenat with all the examples.

    The best message is yes, not to resist what is. It is a great source of our discomfort and so not needed. Let us shift our perspective, accept what is, but take conscious action to both pre-pave a more favorable future, or change our perceptions about the moment.

    1. Hi Evita,
      ohh that shifting perspective is all we need…..the rest just makes it way through. This moment is just so magically powerful…if only we accept and embrace it.
      Thank you fro your lovely comment and compliment πŸ™‚
      So Much Love~

  8. Megan "JoyGirl!" Bord

    On a day when I was reading into someone not calling me back (!!), your post came at the perfect time. Thank you, Beautiful Zeenat, for saying what I most needed to hear.

    It’s not always easy to walk our talk (or our spiritual studies), but when we can, the very things that you described come to pass (peace, joy, ease).

    Wishing you those things and lots of love everyday!

  9. Gandharva

    These days, I’m strongly experiencing the beauty of just being, living every precious second i.e. your present, without the sufferring of past and the fear of future. I’m going through very dramatic and painful (in its nature) divorce procedure but just accepting it as it is and not resisting with it has really helped me in maintaining my self esteem and being in th stage where I feel no one cane disturb my peace of mind without my consent. I’m no more judgemental, do not argue with myself (withing thoughts), no more why me, what…blah blah…Thank you very much indeed Blissful Zeenat for the blissful article!!

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