An enlightening interview with Megan Bord Author of ~ “The Pocket Guide to MANIFESTING”

The Pocket Guide to Manifesting by Megan Bord“I think the thought, and then effortlessly, my thoughts turn into real stuff. Like magic.” ~ Megan Bord

The first time I set eyes on Megan Bord’s writing I was hooked. This was a few years back when she used to write a blog “Its all about joy”. I remember how much I loved(still do!)her energy and her fun ways to infuse spirituality into her life. So, obviously when I came to know of her NEW Book, I just had to get my hands and eyes on it.

And lo behold, “The Pocket Guide to MANIFESTING” completely blew me away. Not only is it full of tips on how to Manifest anything, yes anything and everything in your life…but it is presented in true Megan “Joyful” style. Its so fun, that while I read the book, I couldn’t get the smile off my heart and face. I felt like every line made me smile deeper and deeper.

There is immense power and magic in this book, yet its presented in a simple and heart centered way….I say this is such a ‘my kinda book’ 🙂 Continue reading “An enlightening interview with Megan Bord Author of ~ “The Pocket Guide to MANIFESTING””

The Simplest Way to Manifest Your Wants

What is Manifestation Really? To manifest- What does it mean ? What was the first thing that popped into your mind? Was it ‘to come to be ,to create ,to bring to reality ?’ Close.
The definition is: ‘Like attracts Like. You ARE what you Think. The things you request or pray for will show up clearly and in plain sight’ Continue reading “The Simplest Way to Manifest Your Wants”