6 Positive tools to go from Super Sad to Super Duper Glad

Happiness is a choice. Choose happy.

There are many souls I know, who are rarely effected by mood swings. It’s the most incredible thing to behold! They are honestly the most balanced, joyful, and happiest people I have ever met. Sure, they can get upset, angry, or disillusioned just like the rest of us, but overall their mood is light-filled and loving. I absolutely adore this abundant laugher and overflowing joy that is part of their nature.

As for me, I love life! But… I feel everything – even those feelings that don’t originate from me. Overall, that’s a good thing. It provides a deep and rich awareness, understanding, and empathy of life, other people, and myself. However, sometimes those feelings are intense and sometimes they get stuck inside. A lifetime of living with this heightened sense of emotional awareness has allowed me to become an expert in how to move those more difficult emotions up and out. Continue reading “6 Positive tools to go from Super Sad to Super Duper Glad”