Sometimes i Just wonder…

fine_invitingpathI was watching the news this morning..and I saw the news of the earthquake in china.

Whenever I see a natural disaster i just wonder why? Why so many innocent lives?

Of course there are the man made disasters like Palestine under Israel…and then there we dont need to wonder…Why? Cause it can be avoided..but is it???
Can we help sitting far away from the people who are victims to these disasters?

Physically, sometimes its not feasable, but in spirit YES we can.
We can Hope and Pray. We can send them our love and think of them in our prayers.
How many times have we prayed for someone other than ourselves or our loved ones?
Learning to pray for anothers plight makes us selfless. It makes the universe aware of the positivity going out and maybe just maybe al that positivity will go in the right direction.

The key is to keep hoping.

But how often have we been selfless?


2 thoughts on “Sometimes i Just wonder…

  1. Oh, Zeenat… you have no idea how many times my husband has called home and I answer the phone crying. When he asks me what’s wrong, I tell him about the Air France flight that was lost at sea, or the China earthquake, or some other crisis or massacre that happens around the world. It absolutely overwhelms me that in that moment SO MANY people are suffering tremendously.

    It’s more than I can bear sometimes… why so many innocent lives? Indeed.

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