Blink of Nostalgia

blinking_eyesSometimes in the still of life….

When everything around you is moving at lightning speed i feel as if i have just paused! And in that momentary pause, i go through my whole life in a blink. That blink of an eye is enough for me to go back to times in my life when i needed to be nicer, or i needed to be more sensible, or i needed to just let go!

And when i come back from that blink of nostalgia, I can re-assess myself. I can change me NOW. I can make better decisions NOW. I can be nicer NOW. I can be more sensible NOW. Cause its only if i realize Me NOW, can i make my TOMORRROW truly and blissfully nostalgic.


One thought on “Blink of Nostalgia

  1. oh my dear friend..I am so thankful to be able to go back and read some of your earlier writings as well as read your present postings..this one is so very true for me and I find myself blinking finding gratefulness in the present moments and exercising daily a more positive attitude, love that is not only a blessing to me but others around today as tomorrow I am thankful for your kind loving soul

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