How to Deal, Recover and Heal from BURNOUT

“The land of burnout is not a place I ever want to go back to.” ~ Arianna Huffington

We’re living in an incredibly stressful time, and burnout is rampantly prevalent. I am seeing a lot of people who are very very tired. Physically and emotionally tired.

Burnout is real.

Despite what some may say, burnout is a legit experience people go through. 

Burnout happens when your work-life balance gets out of sync. This has been a common occurrence in the last few years, with the rise in remote work and technology permeating our daily lives.

I’m seeing people that are having a very difficult time finding the necessary boundaries in order to manage their personal life and work demands.

If you’re feeling exhausted and sluggish, and even simple tasks feel extremely overwhelming to complete or you find yourself so stressed out that you’re quick to get angry or frustrated, you might be experiencing burnout.

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How to Set Better Emotional Boundaries and Why they are so Important for Healing

If you want people to respect your boundaries, you need to first set them yourself.

Understanding Emotional Boundaries

Imagine your emotional boundaries as a protective bubble. This bubble keeps your emotions in and other people’s emotions out. 

Having emotional boundaries gives you the ability to witness others emotions without taking their emotions personally (into your bubble) or as your responsibility to react to, fix, or solve. Your emotional boundaries enable you to differentiate where your emotions end and other person’s emotions begin. 

When we have unclear emotional boundaries that we have not even set for ourselves, others emotions flood into our safe space. As a result, we become highly reactive to not only other’s emotions, but also our own. 

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How to Positively Cope with Being Emotionally Triggered

“The best way out is always through.”~ Robert Frost

Have you ever had the feeling that a comment has been passed or a statement has been said which triggers you? It might be a simple statement or comment for others, but for you it triggered you, in a negative way. It totally derailed your mood and suddenly you feel anxious, guilty, angry or sad but you don’t really know why it triggered you? Then as time passes and you reflect on the situation later, you realise how unnecessarily emotional your reaction was, and that leaves you even more confused about why you had such a strong emotional response?

Sounds familiar? Its not uncommon to feel triggered in this way, infact we all feel emotionally triggered at some point in our lives.

It’s okay to feel triggered, here is a positive guide to help you through those passing feelings.

To begin with let’s understand what an emotional trigger really is…

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