Being Open To The Moments

Most days when you’re so tied up in those mundane activities of life, you tend to overlook the moments that make life beautiful and actually worth living. We constantly complain when the week ends or the month ends or the year ends… Where did it go? It went by so quickly! It’s this realization that creeps in just for a minuscule second, and you ask yourself, “What do I have to remember this week, month, or year gone by?”

Do you really truly remember any of those moments that made this day, this week, this month or this year memorable? Or has this mundane life taken over your mind, too? What are these moments? And How can you be Open to them?

Today, I answer these questions in a guest post Being Open To The Moments at Megan’s Blog~“Its All About JOY!”

If you haven’t met her already, you most certainly are missing something.

Head on over to “Its All About JOY!” Have a peak at Megan’s Blog and share your thoughts on my article there Being Open To The Moments.

See you there 🙂

with love Zeenat

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2 thoughts on “Being Open To The Moments

  1. Every waking day of our lives, we are always presented with something to appreciate in life. However, we tend to get stuck with the worryings of our minds; we clutter our minds of things unimportant that we miss what are worthwhile. Wouldn’t it be a wonderful experience if we take notice of the early morning sun when we wake up? It is such a precious moment reminding us that we given another chance to experience life. 🙂

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