Undeclared ~ An Inspiring Poem

I have often wondered what would have been
What could have been with you
Had it been a different place and time
And if we had similar views

The paths we cross they all have reasons
Sometimes it’s hard to figure why
We touch each others lives in some way
Then we say goodbye

Feelings were strong and they were very real
But perhaps not strong enough
To cross invisible borders
Chasing after love

Perhaps we should just smile and reminisce
The season that we shared
Keep the good, cast away the sad
Leave the feelings undeclared

~By Neva Flores (writer/author/poet) of A Changeful Storm:- A blog where she shares her beautiful and wonderful poetry with the world~

with love Zeenat

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19 thoughts on “Undeclared ~ An Inspiring Poem

  1. Dagny Taggart

    “Keep away the good, cast away the sad”
    …the only way to live, the only way to thrive and not just survive, thank you Zeenat, as always your posts touch the reader’s life somewhere!!!

    God Bless!!! πŸ™‚

    1. Hi Dagny,
      I am glad you like the posts and happier that they motivate you.
      Thank you so much fro stopping by and sharing your lovely thoughts πŸ™‚

  2. Hi Zeenat,
    My take on this is one of “life is”. And some relationships will end, and some will continue. And going in, we never really know for sure. And that’s okay.

    And life is…okay…even in these moments.

    1. Hi Lance,
      Life is…is certainly the better interpretation of this. I loved this poem cause it so simply tells us everything eventually does become better. Even thought at the time a relationship goes bad…we dont really see this. Just remember the best times and move on cause there is so much more that going to come..and that is going to be great πŸ™‚

  3. I’m trying to figure out what this means…especially when I believe we are all one and time is an illusion. Any insights on this Z? Have a great day. I’m sendin’ my love.

    1. Hi Tess,
      Wow…now time is an illusion..really doesnt leave much to say..hmmm…
      But to me this poem is giving a positive message. A message that says its better to remember all the good in a past relationship rather than focus on the bad times and that it was for the better that it end. Although at times we as people so self-involved in that situation cant see it…it is in fact for the better.
      Love to you to oh bold one πŸ™‚

    1. Hi BlogWatchdog,
      Thank you so so much fro the info about my blog being copied. I did go to the website and shoot them an email. And thankfully after 3 days they have pulled it down.
      I cant thank you enough~

    1. HI Nethra,
      Thank you for the intimation about my post being copied. I have sent them an email…and they have (thankfully) taken the article down.
      Thank you so much for the info. Appreciate it πŸ™‚

  4. A poem full of emotional feelings. Very good on it’s theme. The poet has written the bitter truth which touch me the most “The paths we cross they all have reasons” really who can deny this. This poem has speak my inner sentiments.
    Thank you
    Robin jokes

  5. Wow. Amazing poem and I love the picture!
    I don’t wonder what could have been, or why…I celebrate the good of knowing you, and to honor what we shared, I use what I’ve learned from you to move forward in some way I otherwise might not have. And I credit you with opening my heart that much farther, making my Light that much brighter. We were released so we would become unblocked, I choose to remember you fondly and allow that memory to guide me to even better; I choose to soar from knowing you.
    *That* is my take on it. I learn and grow from each interaction, each relationship, and when I allow for unfolding I blossom, then wither….a cycle that enriches my life magnificently when I nurture it.

    1. Dear Joy,
      Your take is simply superb! This is the reason I loved this poem…it so beautiful emphasizes on focusing on the good. The beautiful memories.
      Sweetie..I am certainly learning and growing fro each and every interaction with you πŸ™‚
      Much Love~

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