Being Open To The Moments

Most days when you’re so tied up in those mundane activities of life, you tend to overlook the moments that make life beautiful and actually worth living. We constantly complain when the week ends or the month ends or the year ends… Where did it go? It went by so quickly! It’s this realization that creeps in just for a minuscule second, and you ask yourself, “What do I have to remember this week, month, or year gone by?” Continue reading “Being Open To The Moments”

Human Explosion-The Stick Man Has Taken Over My Blog!

When I think of Funny, Smart and Witty- I think Steven. When I think of someone who said he would take over my blog- I think Steven. And when I think of UNIQUE and out of this world BRILLIANT- I think Steven from Human Explosion– who is literally “bursting with passion, expression and appreciation”.

I have been a regular at his blog and I can say for sure-he will make you think, think to no end. And his stick men will invade your brain and you will start wondering how you ever lived without them for so long. I call Steven  MR. HOOT..cause he makes me laugh so so hard. Continue reading “Human Explosion-The Stick Man Has Taken Over My Blog!”