A beautiful Interview with Vironika Tugaleva Author of “The Love MindSet”

the love mindset book“Love is what bonds us to one another. Love is the essential ingredient.” ~ Vironika Tugleva

I have always been choosy about the kind of books I read. Always. I like to read a book that has substance, that has depth, a book that has something I can learn from. But most of all, I like a book that is all LOVE, all HEART…which is what The Love Mindset is.

The Love Mindset is not just a book you read and store in your bookshelf. Its a book that you savor, you reread, you go back to and keep wanting more from.

“Love continues to shine like the sun, available to anyone who knows how to tap its vitality..”  ~ Vironika Tugleva

As I sunk into reading this absolutely loving book last night, I couldn’t stop. I couldn’t put it down till I was completely done and then I kept rereading those parts I “felt”. Vironika Tugaleva has woven a masterpiece to healing and happiness in the form of THE LOVE MINDSET. The book is her story, her thoughts and her experience from being completely lost to her miraculous healing to becoming whole again. I had the immense pleasure of interviewing her on the subject of her book. Continue reading “A beautiful Interview with Vironika Tugaleva Author of “The Love MindSet””

An enlightening interview with Megan Bord Author of ~ “The Pocket Guide to MANIFESTING”

The Pocket Guide to Manifesting by Megan Bord“I think the thought, and then effortlessly, my thoughts turn into real stuff. Like magic.” ~ Megan Bord

The first time I set eyes on Megan Bord’s writing I was hooked. This was a few years back when she used to write a blog “Its all about joy”. I remember how much I loved(still do!)her energy and her fun ways to infuse spirituality into her life. So, obviously when I came to know of her NEW Book, I just had to get my hands and eyes on it.

And lo behold, “The Pocket Guide to MANIFESTING” completely blew me away. Not only is it full of tips on how to Manifest anything, yes anything and everything in your life…but it is presented in true Megan “Joyful” style. Its so fun, that while I read the book, I couldn’t get the smile off my heart and face. I felt like every line made me smile deeper and deeper.

There is immense power and magic in this book, yet its presented in a simple and heart centered way….I say this is such a ‘my kinda book’ 🙂 Continue reading “An enlightening interview with Megan Bord Author of ~ “The Pocket Guide to MANIFESTING””

Book Review and Author Interview of ‘The Intuition Principle’ – How to Attract the life You Dream of

“To be in sync with the Universe is to be one with the flow of life, where you sail with the current toward your goals with the same ease as a gently moving river, and that is the beauty of the Intuition Principle and the beauty of living a fulfilling and meaningful life.”  p. 149 ~ Angela Artemis p. 102 of ‘The Intuition Principle’ 

What if there was just ONE book you wanted to read? Just one book that might actually hold the answers to questions like : What is intuition? How do I tap into this intuition? How do I listen to my gut? How do I break away from the fears that haunt me? How do I truly create a intuitively driven life for me..that will lead me to success and happiness?

Ah….aren’t these the very questions we ask ourselves in the course of our existence? I know I have asked these questions to myself far too many times. Many a times the answers were apparent to me and many more times I felt like I was stuck in the haze not knowing which direction to go and how. I wish in those times I had this book. It would’ve been so much easier to truly understand what my gut was trying to tell me. I would’ve reached my goals sooner. But, better late than never right. That ONE book is here!! Continue reading “Book Review and Author Interview of ‘The Intuition Principle’ – How to Attract the life You Dream of”

Saying YES to Change – NEW Book Review&Giveaway

“I learned if my heart was going to connect with the hearts of others, I had to be the one to connect it. I learned it was up to me to create the life I want.” ~ Alex Blackwell author of “Saying YES to change”

There are books we read and then there a books we re-read and take something new from them every time we read them..this amazing book Saying YES to Change is like that. You can re-read it, and love it more and more everytime.

When Alex sent me his book, I couldn’t contain myself. I was so excited to read it, mostly cause Alex is an amazingly soulful writer. His writing has a way pulling back all the layers and getting right to your heart.

The 10 lessons shared in this book are truly timeless! Each lesson comes from a deep place of understanding the soul of the human heart. Each example is real and has a way of making you say, ‘yes, I went through that too..’ Each lesson is so relatable to your real life.

If you want Positive changes in your life, then this is the book that can get you there.

I have the opportunity today to interview the brilliant Author of this book  Alex Blackwell of Saying YES to Change! YAY! Continue reading “Saying YES to Change – NEW Book Review&Giveaway”

2 books, 2 awesome authors, 2 enlightening interviews!

The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it. ~James Bryce
I love to read. I’m more of a self-help junkie so to speak. But, yes, I can be very very choosy in what I read too. Hence when I recommend a book(or two) it will be super duper awesome! My personal guarantee 🙂

Today I am going to share with you 2 books I have recently read and loved to the core. Both the authors are amazing writers and beautiful souls too. Such a beautiful combination isn’t it.. Continue reading “2 books, 2 awesome authors, 2 enlightening interviews!”