The Late Bloomer Almanac by Michelle DeSpain~ Review and Author Interview

The Late Bloomer Revolution by Michelle DeSpain“It takes a lot of hutzpah to live out our dreams when those monumental party poopers — society and inner critics — tell us that “it’s too late”, “you’ve missed the boat,” or “you’re too old.” Hush! It’s our party and we’ll bloom late if we want to!” ~ Michelle DeSpain from The Late Bloomer Almanac

With the new year in full swing now, we are all in charged up mode. I know I am. I have this feeling that this is going to be my year, our year. This year has brought with it health and emotional freedom for me. I now feel brave enough to follow through to my big dreams. And I will. The Late Bloomer Almanac has been a Beautiful motivator for me.

This Almanac is perfect to start this new year with, cause Michelle’s insights and how she weaves the whole self into her beautiful world is simply breathtaking. I love how she gives hope and energy to all the late bloomers in this book. There really isnt an age to do what you truly want to. Whenever you are ready its the right time to live those dreams.

As I have grown up, I feel like the layers of worldly conditioning are peeling away. So this book comes at the right time for me to go forth and BLOOM!

Michelle DeSpain The Late Bloomer Revolution

“….it is essential that we regularly nurture our minds, bodies, and souls with “it’s never too late” nutrients. Think of this book as the fertilizer for living your dreams.” ~ Michelle DeSpain

I have savored this book from word to word and sentence to sentence and page to page. I introspected, I wrote, I thought and seriously my heart bloomed 🙂 Its a delicious mix of love, warmth and encouragement. To top it all its FUN! Michelle has a great sense of humor that made me chuckle a little, laugh out loud, and then literally hug myself. Her writing style makes you wanna jump up and do a happy dance ( yeah I did that too…shhh 😉 ) Its that good!

Did I already tell you I love the book? Ok so I’m telling you this, I Love this Freakin’ awesome Almanac!!! {putting it mildly 🙂 }

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And now without further ado, here is a little interview with the awesome Michelle DeSpain author of The Late Bloomer Almanac. Enjoy!

Interview with Michelle DeSpain Author of The Late Bloomer’s Almanac

Me: What sparked the thought of writing this awesome book? 

Michelle: It was a happy accident of sorts. Originally, I decided to write this book as a freebie e-book for my website, The Late Bloomer Revolution. But once I started writing, I quickly realized that this was going to be much too big of a project for a freebie. I was right. The book turned out to be 156 pages, complete with inspirational passages, journaling space, playlists, recipes, full-color whimsical illustrations and more! I wrote another book, The Late Bloomer Revolution Pocket Guide, for the freebie.

Me: While writing your book, what was the most challenging part?

Michelle: Taking proper writing breaks. When I write, I tend to assume the role of an eccentric hermit by default. I have to remind myself to shower, brush my teeth, eat, and venture out into the world to engage with other living, breathing human beings. Was there a time you wanted to just give up? No. Writing energizes me like nothing else. I am most in the flow when I am writing.

Me: How much research went into writing the book?

Michelle: I’m one of those lifelong learner types, so I am always voraciously consuming information through books, podcasts, documentaries, the Internet, etc. Two of my favorite places on earth are bookstores and the library. However, once I start writing, I tend to stop researching because the writing process is all-consuming. If I want to cite research, I’ll look it up on the Interwebs. Otherwise, I stay focused on the creative task at hand.

Me: Which is your most favorite chapter (or chapters) from your book and Why?

Michelle: That’s a great question. Hmmm… Probably the May chapter because I really geeked out on my favorite movie of all time. Really geeked out. 😀

Me: Who would benefit from this amazing book?

Michelle: Anyone who has abandoned a dream or put a dream on hold because they think they’re too late, too old, or too “unrealistic.”

Me: Do you have a message for the readers of your book?

Michelle: Absolutely! The message is my most-loved mantra: It’s never too late to live your dreams. Ready, set, BLOOM!

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About Michelle DeSpain author of The Late Bloomer’s Almanac
Michelle DeSpain

Back in the autumn of 2013, Michelle quit her lucrative corporate career at the age of 44 to follow her lifelong dream of being a writer. Michelle’s mother took this midlifecrisis awakening of her first-born daughter surprisingly well. 
Today, Michelle is Prima Bloggerina and Fearless Leader of The Late Bloomer Revolution, an online haven for women who believe that it’s never too late to live your dreams.
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