Digging Deep: Unearthing Your Creative Roots Through Gardening ~ Review

book cover franDigging Deep: Unearthing Your Creative Roots Through Gardening – This is one book you MUST have. Here’s why?

The updated 10th Anniversary Edition of Digging Deep: Unearthing Your Creative Roots Through Gardening is a powerfully uplifting and transformative self-help book for the creatively and spiritually challenged. Overflowing with tips, exercises, and resources, Fran shares the lessons she’s learned from gardening over the past thirty years. If you’re yearning to cultivate more meaning and connection in life, the 7 Stages of Creative Awakening mapped out in the book will help you extinguish the stifling inner voice that says, “I’m not creative,” and replace it with strategies that will help you harness your instincts and live a life filled with joy and creativity.

In Digging Deep: Unearthing Your Creative Roots Through Gardening, Fran Sorin shows readers how gardening can be a wonderful source of self-knowledge, healing and spiritual and creative awakening.

Though the premise of Digging Deep is firmly grounded in the theories of creativity set forth by psychologists and researchers over the past 100 years, its execution is wholly Fran Sorin – inspiring, exuberant, and refreshingly direct. The point is not to overwhelm readers with the whys and hows of the awakening process – or of gardening technique – but rather to invite them to jump right in and experience it for themselves.  It is a powerfully uplifting and transformative self-help book for the creatively and spiritually challenged.

This book does for gardeners what Natalie Goldberg’s Writing Down the Bones and Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way has done for millions of writers and artists: show them how they can approach their passion with an eye towards freeing their spirit and becoming more self-actualized. From Fran, gardeners learn how to bloom right along with their gardens. Fran lays out the major facets of creative personalities and teaches the reader how to use the process of gardening as a conduit for beginning to experience creativity as an ongoing rich and dynamic lifetime journey. With this 10th Anniversary Edition, it continues be a wonderful addition to the growing library of books that are helping people live more meaningful and authentic lives and is considered a classic.

For beginning gardeners, Digging Deep welcomes them into the world of gardening from a soulful perspective, showing them how a garden can be a wonderful laboratory for their creative unfolding. The reader is given the essential basics, and from there, Fran gently guides them towards envisioning and creating the garden of their dreams, all the while guiding them step by step, in practicing behavioral techniques that will allow the core of their soul and their creativity to break loose.

Digging Deep is also for more experienced gardeners, many of whom are already attuned to how gardening nurtures their spirit. This book opens up their hearts and minds to even deeper possibilities and enable them to continually be inspired and transformed from one season to the next.

People are hungry to feed their souls – not necessarily in churches or temples, but in the everyday rhythms and actions of their lives. Day by day, we’re becoming more acutely aware of our deep-seated need to reconnect to something real in the midst of this disconnected world. The trend visionary Faith Popcorn points to several major 21st century trends – cocooning, anchoring – as evidence that we are longing to return to a simpler, more authentic and natural way of life. And what better way to connect to our own naturalness than through tending the land with one’s own bare hands?

It is for this very reason Fran Sorin’s approach continues to gain popularity. Now more than ever is the time for us to pause and revisit the everyday activities of our lives – from the mundane tasks to leisure time – and infuse them with true passion and personal meaning.

While there are many wonderful gardening books on the market, not a single one comes close to Digging Deep in message or purpose. Most fall into one of three categories: beautifully illustrated coffee-table book, instructional how-to, or spiritual musings and/or lessons one can learn from gardening. Digging Deep stands apart because it is the only book to demonstrate how the very act of gardening is itself a method for releasing creativity and achieving emotional wholeness. It focuses on the process of gardening, not merely the outcome. It embraces both the art and craft of gardening – the craft being the how-to’s, and the art being the greater act of letting go, trusting our instincts, and coming fully alive. Its aim is to inspire people to excavate and cultivate the most authentic parts of themselves through the artistry and craft of the garden.

About Fran Sorin Author of Digging Deep:

Fran SorinFran Sorin is the author of Digging Deep: Unearthing Your Creative Roots Through Gardening, a book inspired by her thirty years of playing and working in the garden. An updated 10th Anniversary Edition was published Fall 2014 with a new Foreword by Larry Dossey, M.D. and endorsements from respected gardening, spiritual, transformative and mind-body authors like Dr. Andrew Weil, Robert Holden, Marci Shimoff, Guy Finley, Amy Stewart and Debra Lee Baldwin – just to name a few.

The concept for the book came about one day when Fran was weeding in the garden on all fours. In a flash, she realized that the transcendent, creative state that she often experienced in the garden was similar to what she used to feel when playing the piano from the time she was a young girl.

Digging Deep was birthed from Fran’s deep desire to share her experience and knowledge about the creative, authentic self that every one of us innately possesses. Her 7 Stages of Creative Awakening, mapped out in the book, are the tools that will help you unearth your creativity and become the artist in your garden – and in your life.

In these tumultuous and technologically obsessed times, where so many of us feel stuck, scared, and disconnected from ourselves and others, Fran’s optimistic, grounded values, and empowering message are needed more than ever. She feels that every day should be filled with creativity, connection, play, kindness, and generosity. For her, these are the cornerstones of what constitute a joyful and meaningful life.

Fran lives with a gaggle of dogs, 2 rooftop gardens, and is surrounded by family and the loving presence of nature and spirit. She loves rowing, is a cinephile, and can be found playing, laughing, connecting, working hard (and loving it), and creating wherever she is.

Fran is a graduate of The University of Chicago with Honors in Psychology, is a renowned gardening expert, deep ecologist, ordained interfaith minister, soul tending coach, and CBS Radio news contributor.

Where can we buy the book? The book was published October 7thYou can find it on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle

Digging Deep
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Make sure you get your hands on this beautifully soulful book. I know I have relished every page…and I know you will too.

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