Six Positively Simple Ways to make People Like You

Six Positively Simple Ways to make People Like YouWhile growing up, I was almost always surrounded by loving friends, who stood by me in thick and thin. I really never knew the pain or anguish of being friendless or disliked. As a libran and as my super intelligent Daddy’s little girl, the few outgoing and conversational qualities I possessed were constantly in use helping me to be well, Liked. But, as I grew up and started understanding life and all its intricacies, I came to a startling realization…..not everyone ‘feels’ liked or loved. Notice I said, not everyone ‘feels’ liked or loved….cause everyone is loved and liked in reality, we just don’t accept and love ourselves enough to embrace that fact. Continue reading “Six Positively Simple Ways to make People Like You”

Earning Goodwill while Dealing With People

Some time back, I had written and discussed the importance of our Good Will Bank. How important it is to have an account in this bank is and what are the benefits.

Today I give you a list of ways you can Earn some Goodwill while dealing with all the people in your life. Continue reading “Earning Goodwill while Dealing With People”