Human Explosion-The Stick Man Has Taken Over My Blog!

When I think of Funny, Smart and Witty- I think Steven. When I think of someone who said he would take over my blog- I think Steven. And when I think of UNIQUE and out of this world BRILLIANT- I think Steven from Human Explosion– who is literally “bursting with passion, expression and appreciation”.

I have been a regular at his blog and I can say for sure-he will make you think, think to no end. And his stick men will invade your brain and you will start wondering how you ever lived without them for so long. I call StevenΒ  MR. HOOT..cause he makes me laugh so so hard.

Today this Unique Genius who is amalgamating his comic genius with personal development on his blog Human Explosion is here Seriously Taking OVER my little blog….aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..

HELP!!!….See his work, Go to his blog….cause if you dont…who knows he might just take over yours too πŸ˜‰



Human Explosion is a blog that is designed to merge the two worlds of comic humor and personal development together. Steven strongly encourages the act of giving and does not like to take away from others. The author wishes to thank Zeenat for giving him the opportunity to steal some things from her, I mean uh…guest posting here and spreading the messages of living a goodΒ  life.

For more on what this comic genius can do be sure to stay tuned by subscribing to his blog feed or by emailing him{} for more info.


He takes over my poor little blog..and then thanks me…hmmm…

He’s considerate too πŸ˜‰ Be sure to check out his awesome blog. You will not regret it.

And Mr. Hoot….your genius will be tapped by those big publishers soon. But please remember, even when you’re this big time author and comic genius, You can still invade my little blog anytime πŸ™‚ Just remember mine was your very First Invasion πŸ˜‰ And dont forget us little people ok πŸ™‚

Steven is my very first very very first guest blogger…awww…me all emotional now….;)

with love Zeenat

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43 thoughts on “Human Explosion-The Stick Man Has Taken Over My Blog!

  1. Zeenat — THANK YOU for sharing Steven! I can’t wait to go his site. I loved this cartoon. It is so creative and funny! I’m a sucker for a guy who can draw cartoons.

    You’ve just given me another great reason that blogging is the most fun a person can have…you REALLY do meet the most interesting people:~)

    1. Hey Sara!

      Thank you for your enthusiasm for my comics! I am greatly appreciative of your response! πŸ˜€

      And you are right, when I blog with comics on, it is just very fun! And it is even better when my comics can get to other people and even bring a little smile to their faces πŸ™‚

      Thank you for the kind comment on my site I appreciate them! πŸ™‚


    1. Hey Peggy!

      Thank you for viewing my comic! I try to make them as cute as possible xD hahaha

      I hope you enjoy the stay at my blog once you visit it:)


  2. I think this is a phenomenal idea. It’s something that’s never been done in the personal development blogosphere before. Keep it up, Steven. I agree with my friend, Zeenat. You’ll go far and get pretty big if you keep at it.

    Thanks for this awesome guest comic, Zeenat!

    1. Hey John!

      Thanks for the input. I wanted to do something unique right from the start. So I combined my weird sense of humor and my mediocre drawing skills…and voila! You have an explosive creation of stick figures teaching easy life lessons…haha

      Thank you John, I hope I will go far with this. But I won’t without persistence, and I think that is the most important factor here.


    1. Hey Lori! Thank you for coming here xD

      its a good feeling to be in the presence of the two people who likes my silly comics enough to post them on their sites. I’m truly grateful for that.

      Thank you both for your support and encouragements! πŸ˜€


    1. Hey Corinne! Thank you for the compliment!

      I like the feeling of being brilliant! Which is why my site head is a happy face exploding with radiant rays – because that is what I want xD jk.

      thank you for commenting.


  3. Steven, it’s always refreshing to see one of your posts out here in the PD blogosphere, ’cause you bring a whole new perspective to it. I just want to point out that your longer, written posts (on your blog) are also brilliant.

    Thanks for this one.. I LOVED that final frame! πŸ™‚

    1. Hey Lisis!

      lol I try to bring something new to PD, and I guess it worked! Sometimes I just feel that PD can get too serious and stressful for people, and that they might end up feeling bad about themselves as a result. So I thought I’d light up the area with a silly comic! πŸ˜€

      Thanks for the compliment on the long posts, I try my best to get to the point tho…but it is very hard for me to leave out details. But believe I WILL improve on that lol.


    1. Hey Megan “JoyGirl” lol

      You love to laugh? Well isn’t that just perfect! Because I LOVE to make people laugh. Perfect combo, we should get to know each other more. πŸ˜€


    1. Hey Jannie!

      Yes that is the plan. I make it so that they know they would love my blog….>:D

      lol anyways, I’m very glad that you will love my blog. πŸ™‚


  4. John Jakaboski

    this sounds like a lot of fun, but it isn’t loading for me for some reason-help!? I do see the grimacing character crashing the frame and grabbing icons, but nothing else.

    1. Hey John,

      thanks for the effort and comment. Too bad you couldn’t view it the first time! Now the comic is spoiled…:( lol jk. Refresh the page, or browser problem?

    1. Hey Suzen,

      I’m going to try harder in the future, so that my pictures are worth even more than a thousand words. Maybe a tens of thousands…hm, need to work on that.

      Thank you for liking and commenting! I appreciate it!


    1. Hey Walter,

      thank you for the read and comments on my site. and thank you for the compliment!

      in real life i’m pretty much the philosophical guy who is occasionally funny…but I guess I’m the complete opposite on the web…AWESOME!! πŸ˜€


  5. @ All…Thank you guys for being so loving and welcoming to Steven. I appreciate it πŸ™‚ Big hugs and lots of love to you all.

    @Steven…You r MR. Hoot…and nothing is going to change that…so go on keep being your unique self…and we all will love you for it. Hope you had a good time here at my blog…taking over and all πŸ˜‰

    1. Hey Zeenat! I just want to give you my sincere thanks for giving me the opportunity to express my silly comic here! I really appreciate it, you are great! πŸ˜€

      I had an awesome time on your site Zeenat, maybe my stick-men can do something again with you in the future! πŸ˜€

      thank you verrryyy mmuucchh! πŸ˜€


  6. John Jakaboski

    Steven, thanks, I tried your suggestions, nothing worked-I truly do not understand why I can’t see the cartoons. Thanks anyway!

    1. HEy John,
      Glad you liked Stevens comics…but you couldnt see it…hmm…The pic is a .png format….i think probably your browser doesnt have that support. You might need to go and fiddle around with the settings. Just check and let me know..I can happily email it to you if you like.

  7. John Jakaboski

    Zeenat, i tried some adjustments to browser preferences and still nothing. I did jump on over to Steven’s site (clever stuff going on!) and have no problems there. I suppose emailing me the file would work, as long as it’s converted to a jpeg beforehand? You can see my email in your comments, right?

  8. Hi Zeenat and Steven – wierd humour and pretty good charicacture drawing make brilliant cartoons and as you say can teach us loads. I have a huge amount of respect for cartoonists, with their captions, or as you do combining the both. Fun .. must off to Steven’s site ..

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