14 Positive Thoughts for a Shiny Year Ahead

14 Positive Thoughts for a Shiny Year AheadWith the New Year 2013 in full swing…let me wish you a Really Happy and Abundant Year ahead.

As you all might already know, I’m a Positive Thoughts/Quotes junkie. Yes, I love those little nuggets of pure inspiration. I feel like the wisdom in those few lines can sometimes capture the very essence of our being and that too so poignantly. The *Positive Provocations* Facebook Page is a very vibrant and active community where I share these little nuggets of inspiration everyday. Some of the Quotes are my own, some are from eminent inspiring personalities of our time and times gone by.

I want to share these awesome little nuggets of inspiration with you today, so that you may be truly inspired to make this NEW year your most SHINY yet! Let this NEW Year bring with it joy, love, peace, success and above all immense happiness….just soak in these Positive Thoughts and let your soul be guided. Continue reading “14 Positive Thoughts for a Shiny Year Ahead”

10 Positive Resolutions for a truly Happy New Year 2013

“I think in terms of the day’s resolutions, not the year’s.”  ~Henry Moore

Each year people make and break their new year resolutions – perhaps because they focus too strongly on negatives. Give your New Year resolutions a positive splash with positive resolutions to focus on today, in the new year and everyday of your life.

It’s easy to look at the negatives. Many people are approaching the New Year with lesser money, an inflated body and a soul battered by stress and family disagreements. In your mind, the coming year looks like a year of uncertainty for all and trouble for many, especially you. But it doesn’t have to be that way. How can you make your New Year resolutions stepping stones to a positively brighter and happier year ahead? Continue reading “10 Positive Resolutions for a truly Happy New Year 2013”