Really Know Yourself By Making a Date with Yourself

Really Know Yourself By Making a Date with Yourself“Being alone can be the best healing medicine for the heart and soul.” ~ Z~

What happens to you when you are alone?

Do you feel lonely? Or do you use that time to reflect and get to know your Self better?

No matter how you choose to deal with alone time, there’s no need to feel lonely. Being on your own presents a wonderful opportunity to get in touch with your deeper Self. Continue reading “Really Know Yourself By Making a Date with Yourself”

5 Powerful Ways to BE Extraordinary NOW

In a perfectly ordinary day “the extraordinary” happens every time. BE The Extraordinary NOW. ~Z

We are each extraordinary in our own special way! We are…we really are!

When we become open to our own extraordinary abilities and embrace them, you will have reignited that powerhouse within YOU to become the best and happiest YOU. Continue reading “5 Powerful Ways to BE Extraordinary NOW”

KNOW Your True Self Series- “The 3 P’s of Success and Happiness”{4}

Often our lives get entwined in the mundane. We live each day- work, eat, sleep without giving a single thought to our core happiness. That happiness that comes from completely and totally knowing yourself. Knowing what you are, what you need, what makes you tick, what makes you thrive. But we live. Is this the way to live? Are you truly ALIVE? Continue reading “KNOW Your True Self Series- “The 3 P’s of Success and Happiness”{4}”